The West Memphis Three ,Satantic Child Killers

These sick bastards killed three kids , raped and tortured them and admitted it.

Where are they now, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous .

I want to be a part of the LHP but if i got my hands on people that killed kids, i would be the one torturing them, and take great pleasure in it. Muriatic acid enema’s for the cunts, rip their finger nails off with pliers.

Also just as Christians become Satanists , Jews worship Moloch and offer up infants to him as sacrifices.

If you read the wikipedia page you’ll see that they didn’t confess, there was a plea deal, which is different - by which time the families of two of the victims were also on their side aiming to get them released.

And there’s no link to Satanism:

“John E. Douglas, a former longtime FBI agent and current criminal profiler, said that the murders were more indicative of a single murderer intent on degrading and punishing the victims, than of a trio of “unsophisticated” teenagers.[66] Douglas believed that the perpetrator had a violent history and was familiar with the victims and with local geography. Douglas was formerly FBI Unit Chief of the Investigative Support Unit of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime for 25 years. He stated in his report for Echols’s legal team that there was no evidence the murders were linked to Satanic rituals and that post-mortem animal predation could explain the alleged knife injuries. He stated that the victims had died from a combination of blunt force trauma and drowning, in a crime driven by personal cause.” (from that wikipedia page)

I was using wiki to inform people about it but if you watch the footage of the three in question in court talking and after, its clear it was them, watch the youtube vid, it is a tad biased but there is still a lot of footage that to me and my intuition , tells me it was them.

He was overheard boasting about it, his magic diary was filled with human sacrifice fantasies, his reading material was “Never On a Broomstick” ,which goes into explicit detail about torturing and killing children. His friend gave evidence to being there. I know and have met psychopaths and murderers and their behavior during the trial is clearly sociopathic.

Just listen to the kid talk, and now his friendship with famous stars , it just doesn’t add up that a death row inmate would become best friends with world famous celebs and then even marry one, it alludes to the Illuminati in Hollywood and Human Sacrifice like Bohemian Groves , Cremation of Care, mimicking sacrifices to Moloch .