The Weary Spirit

After years of strange experiences at night and growing up considering that demons might actually be taunting me, I finally got over my fear and began to learn. Shadow forms would occasionally walk up to my bedside at night causing me much fear along with strange sensations of nearby presence.

One evening, after I had learned a great deal about these strange things, I was laying on my bed going to sleep when a female shadow form began crawling towards my bed from my lefr side. She crawled up on to my bed and on top of me. I was face to face with a ghastly shadow form. So I closed my eye’s and shifted into a more psychically aware state reaching out to commune with the shadow form.

Suddenly I saw a vision of myself and my brain. In the vision my brain was like an underground cave with a tiny stream of perfectly clear pure water peacefully running through, hidden from the light of day. Then I felt the female shadow form reach into my brain and attempt to touch the water. I felt her weariness and hunger. It was like ahe was very hungry and thirsty and was mindless from her plight. She desperately reached into me to try and get some water. So I granted her some.

After she had some of the water, her form suddenly changed. The next thing I knew, there was a huge armored centapeed standing over me as I rest. I was quite intimidated. I felt her mind, she was used to stealing to survive but my graciousness in offering her some of my water seemed to awaken a dormant more human social part within her. However, she quickly darted away like an animal having been fed by the hand but she didn’t bite. For a moment I thought she might lash out at me after her form changed. She became a formidable creature and paused for a moment. In that moment I felt something new awaken in her. The first glympse of gratitude, as though she hadn’t been treated nicely in some time. I considered the experience very impactful and I learned a great deal about weary spirits and shadow forms.