The Way of Fire

A few months ago I was speaking with Shaitan, clarifying some things that were written in The Devil’s Quran, and He told me that I “must learn the Way of Fire.” I asked Him what He meant but He didn’t answer.

One initiative that I did take soon after that conversation with Lord Shaitan was to speak with Oridios (a powerful fire lord, written of by Somnus Dreadwood). Through that discussion, I asked Him of the nature of djinn. S. Ben Qayen has written and said many times that the djinn are purely destructive, yet Lord Oridios told me that all djinn have a Creative aspect to them. He further said that I am to work with each of them to discover and realize each djinn’s Creative aspect.

This scared the shit out of me so I conveniently (and immediately) got to doing other things. Since then, however, the Way of Fire has begun to reveal itself to me.

The thread is to be my account of what I learn.


Try the ifrit djinn race they know a hell of a lot about fire :fire:.


Yeah they are older than the islamic version of them try and find some pre islamic sources as well. As they had a different purpose it wasn’t the downfall of humanity lol.


@HappyKanibl I PM’d you with my take on it. [quote=“HappyKanibl, post:1, topic:17128”]
Oridios (a powerful fire lord, written of by Somnus Dreadwood).
Which Tower is this? Iron throne? Abyss? Stars?

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Iron Throne


I made contact with Iblis today. I told him that I was taught that each djinn has a Creative aspect, and that I was instructed to work with each one to discover what this was.

He laughed, and then called all 72 djinn to surround us. They weren’t so amused. Some were annoyed and disgusted, while others were ready to pounce on me. But when I told them that Shaitan had mandated that I learn the Way of Fire, and that Oridios had assigned me to do this work with them, the mood changed.

The djinn calmed down (relatively) and Lord Iblis looked me over, considering what I had just said. After a moment he nodded and said, “Alright. We will work with you.”

I have to say, that experience was pretty fucking awesome! What a great way to open the door to this chapter of my journey!

Also, at some point in the conversation I had the realization that to know the Way of Fire I must understand the Essence of Fire. There are so many kinds of fire - magickal and otherwise - but they are all fire, meaning that they all, at their core, carry a common essence.

I look forward to learning this essence.


I met my inner Demon yesterday, formally. It had come to my attention that, 1) he really existed, and 2) he and I have been struggling against each other for a long time, and it just wasn’t going well for either of us.

I called to him and we separated from each other (still connected but he took his “pure” form astrally). He was shorter than I expected. I thought he would look like me or at least be my size, but nope. He is about 5’11", red, and looks a bit like a muscular, young adult version of when Jack Jack turns into a demon in The Incredibles.

Through decades of frustration, he had taken to channeling his destructive nature towards me. Makes sense. Since we hadn’t worked together, he didn’t have the opportunity to really express/be himself in any way that could truly benefit both of us.

So, as we reconciled and agreed to work together from here on out, the destructive/creative nature of Fire (I mean, he is from Hell) became a little more clear. As he had been confined, and consequently gone a bit stir crazy, his fire had been turned on his environment (i.e. me). But when he is allowed the opportunity to channel his fire THROUGH his environment, it’s beauty and power can be fully realized.

On a side note, several things over the years became clear when he and I got on the same page. For example…

I had a dream when I was in high school that a was in Hell. Thousands of red demons were running across blackened hills. Here and there there were yellow demons running, who were bigger. I was a red demon and I was standing with a handful of other red demons by the edge of a cliff, watching the others as they ran. I remember seeing three yellow demons run together, shoulder-to-shoulder, barreling through any red demons who got in there way.

Everyone was running for “the prize,” whatever that was. And I remember thinking, “There has to be something more than just this.” And then I woke up. But it didn’t feel like a dream; it felt like a memory.

That was my Demon’s memory!