The Waters Of Hell

Been a long time since i projected into Astral plane but the last time i did(months ago) - I projected several times to a very dark plane;A place i believe to be Hell

Whenever i am there, I am unable to see clearly or get out of that plane - 'Tis not a pleasant place to be,I suppose. It felt like a place where darkness is vividly consious of itself

I haven’t projected at all for some months now until last night. @TheStorm helped me with a rite to invoke my dark self,I initially thought it didn’t work - Later turned out like it did.

The invocation of my dark self was a success.

When i slept last night - I projected again into the Dark planes but now, something which has happened to me twice in that plane happened again. A being was strangling me so hard like it wanted me to die

It felt painful so i struggled to free myself but my all efforts was futile. I felt really scared so i decided to call on someone i thought could help me.

I started with Lucifer - Asking him to help (Nothing happened)
I then called on Azazel - Nothing happened as i was still being strangled

Then i was like - Perhaps i should try the christian god(I was desperate) so i called on ELOHIM and jehova. At this time, The entity tightened his grip on my neck(exactly on top of my throat chakra)

I asked for help to come and take me out of the Dark plane but no help came.
If i could see the entity - Perhaps things would be better.
I couldn’t as i was in total darkness

So… When i woke up, I knew the next thing to do - Telling you guys

To those who have the sight
Who’s the entity strangling me?
I called for help - why did i receive nothing?

And Lastly…
How do i finally stop projecting to the dark planes?


@Abythoth It’s your dark self I would say.

@Abythoth As for how to get out of it. Well, to quote Azazel “You can neither see nor taste nor touch a thing without committing yourself to that thing”. You called out to it and have therefore committed yourself to it.


Why would it strangle me and cause me pain?

@Abythoth Through Pain growth comes. I am speculating of course. It’s your dark self after all.

I agree but i am confused - It felt as if this entity “hated me”

I would be glad if anyone would kindly take a peek into the situation using their third eye

@Abythoth I can’t due to forum rules. Someone else could. I am assuming that it was your dark self because that’s what the rite was for.

Ohh, The forum rules forbade such?

@Abythoth I am new. 3 months is the rule for Free Readings.

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@TheStorm I wasn’t aware. Thanks for wanting to help out - I am grateful!

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When I first met my dark self it was because I summoned her accidentally. She tried to consume me and take over my body. I was so scared but she told me she hated me because I wouldn’t aknowledge her. I saw her as some “thing” that I wanted to try and tame, supress or throw away.

I know it sounds lame but I hugged her after she said that. It was my gesture of acceptance for her.
I gave her own space in my mind and my being.


@Sophia444 The first time I summoned my inner demon it was a deliberate, intentional near possession. I suppose that accounts for the different first experience.

@Sophia444 After then, Have you talked/worked with your dark self?
Do you believe your dark self to have your best interest at heart?

@TheStorm Can you brief your experience with your dark self?

By the way - How does our higher selves differ from our dark selves?

The aspects of yourself you repressed, all those problems and traumas you hid in the darkness, those squashed hopes and dreams are trapped there and they resent you for shutting them away, ignoring there pain and desires. There angry that you haven’t taken notice or action to aliviate there pain and suffering. So they built up and built up and now there making you take notice, you said the throat chakra your voice, your communication, you didn’t speak up, you didn’t express yourself. Now there making you.


I concieve it as a higher self and a lower self. And when I say that i mean a higher realm and a lower realm. I dont like saying good/evil cause I dont like polarising it like that. I imagine my godself as a merger between the two.

She is me. She just has a different outlook. If youve worked with demons at all its easier to understand. They arent pure evil just dark. They are perfectly capable of caring for you in their own way. You just have to think objectively when they offer you something. Think whether or not what they offer you will benefit you. If you dont have the will to realise that you are being given a choice you can get swallowed up in darkness.

I can hear my dark self clearly after a lot of practice meditating. I was one of those overly nice people that drained themselves thinking they could “save” everyone. So in my case having a dark selfish voice in my head helped me. I can see when i need to take care of myself.


Snap i was like that too, but you can only help those who want and accept your help. :slight_smile:


Before I met my darkself I would feel Satan grab my throat. Forcefully enough for me to notice when I would say the opposite of what I was thinking. Just automatically saying “Yes” without thinking if it was something that would take my time and energy. So eventually i broke the habit and started thinking before agreeing to things.


Let’s say PM.

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Because they knew they shouldn’t intervene. They knew that this was your darkself wanting acknowledgement from you.

This is what I fell.