The Watchers are great [in the] Necronomicon

I have seen a whacher and are 10 ft tall and have black rose on them they are muffled voices very kind and generous they can help you at any time buy the necronomicon it is only £8

Anyone that does any out of body work should have a watcher: fact.

The Simon Necronomicon is a vey interesting book, for sure. Whether you employ a the Watcher or not is optional. It didn’t interest me, since on at least one level the Watcher is the practitioner, and I’m already there, so I didn’t see the point of it.

Not really, but you’re entitled to your opinion and to give your power away anytime. :joy_cat:

By saying you “should” have a watcher/guide/guardian to do any work, you are telling the universe and your subconscious you are too weak to handle things on your own - and this makes it true. I see it as a form of self sabotage.
I don’t think any being strong enough to make it as a human is actually this weak.

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