The War On Christmas Is A Delusional Idea!... Will Pagans Every Be Happy?

The War On Christmas Is A Delusional Idea!.. Are Pagans And Occultists Ever Going To Be Satisfied?.. Leading By Example Is A Quality Possessed By Few In Our Community!!!

It’s that time of year again that seems to come around every year like clockwork. Where pagans express their deep resentment for the holiday season and its presentation. Coined the War on Christmas this year it has been kicked started a little earlier than usual. Scrolling through my feed on Facebook I came across an article titled “Pagan shoppers vow to boycott Tesco over Christian family yuletide advert” link is in the credits of this article. Now for my American viewers out there Tesco is a grocery store very much alike Walmart that caters to millions of people all around the United Kingdom. Simply put Tesco is a corporation. I have also put the commercial link in the credits.

This time of the year many pagans join this war on Christmas. Companies get boycotted and verbally attacked by pagans, typically because they feel they are not be represented. It is also fair to say that many pagans feel that their history is being stolen and no acknowledgement for their holidays are being given. However, the more dominant reason I have found is that pagans are annoyed that they are not invited to the corporate party. This singlehandedly is the most stupid thing that pagans and occultist alike do. I am going to go out and say it. This war on Christmas is stupid and pagans are never going to be satisfied with any outcome that could come from this outrage. Most of the outrage is for a couple of reasons.

The first is that commercials do not include pagans. Like the Tesco advert they tend to portray other families and religions but not pagans. Now for the most part, many corporations are becoming more diverse in their advertisements, but in all reality, it doesn’t really matter. I pose here a question. If a corporation such as Tesco were to include pagans, witches and occultists alike in their commercial how many of those pagans would then complain that they were misrepresented? Probably most of them. Every time a Witch or Pagan that has been depicted in Hollywood movies has resulted in the same outrage happening, because of pagans being misrepresented. The fact remains is that they are never going to be represented in the way they like. Corporations deliberately tweak the reality of different types of families, filter them and perfectionize the image because it makes people more likely to buy their products. Its an advertising technique to tweak the truth to make it more appealing to the viewer. Anyone who thinks that a typical add of a Christian family is accurate is just as easily manipulated as the rest of corporate consumers.

Secondly the fact is that corporations are businesses. Their purpose isn’t to represent any specific people but rather to make money from their biggest audience. Let’s look at the numbers. It is estimated that there are 280 million Christians in the United States, and there are estimated over 1 million pagans. Now of course we have to consider that these numbers are estimates, and many pagans are in the closet about their lifestyle. Yet, even with these loose numbers it is pretty clear to see the difference in how many Christians there are vs Pagans. My point here is that corporations exists to make money and, so they will always appeal to the biggest audience. Christianity is by far the lead in the numbers game. The fact that pagans want a corporation to represent them in the first place is laughable.

You Are Not Responsible For Your Forefathers Mistakes!.. You Are Only Responsible For Your Actions!!!

This Second reason for this outrage I want to bring up is probably the most important of them all. History! Many pagans are still pissed off about the burning times, about pagans being slaughtered by Christianity thousands of years ago and pagan holidays being altered for other religions. Let me start by saying, yes pagans in history have been mistreated and wronged. However, in today’s modern day apart from the odd case here and there that doesn’t happen. Christians of today are not responsible from the atrocities committed hundreds and thousands of years ago. Blaming a Christian for stealing your holiday and killing your people is a bit like blaming someone in Asatru for burning a village, pillaging their gold and raping their women because their ancestors did it. Nobody is responsible for the actions of their forebears.

There is however one aspect of this that gets a little murky and this is the point about pagan holidays being stolen. Now to some degree this is true, however Christianity is not the only one guilty of this. Every tribe in history will have taken religious ideas from other tribes. Two tribes would have different gods, they go to war over those gods, the winner them implements what they like from the other tribe’s faith into their own. It just so happens Christianity is the largest example of this. But, is the holiday really stolen?

Pagans can still practice those holidays in their original context if they wished. Paganism and pagan rituals are not outlawed in today’s world. Yet Pagans are still offended and outraged by Christmas. Every holiday that we have comes from somewhere, be it from previous faiths or something else. Yet the longer it is practiced the more it comes out of its original context and into simply a tradition. It becomes its own entity. It is for this reason that Yule and Christmas are not the same thing and their origins are irrelevant to the argument of should they be practiced. For the most part pagans just can’t deal with Christians doing their thing. They have huge baggage towards Christians. In many cases in these communities its trendy to be a pagan and hate Christians. Funny how pagans act exactly like the extreme Christians they claim to be so different from.

Christmas is a Christian holiday; their symbolism was adapted into their faith. Sure, the symbolism was taken from paganism and altered, but pagan symbolism was not replaced as we still have a lot of it today. It is entirely possible for Pagans and Christians to practice this time of year in whichever way they want without them conflicting. It’s just pagans want to complain about the Christmas. My overall point, is that pagans are complaining about Christians stealing their holidays, when in fact all they have done is continue a tradition they were taught from their own family. The holiday has changed and evolved from a theft of symbolism into a household tradition, to the extent that even non-Christian households celebrate Christmas.

Pagans are delusional if they think they will ever be happy trying to fight this war. It is a war created by themselves because they can’t get over their Christian baggage. Things could be so much simpler if everyone did their own thing and stopped worrying about what everyone else is doing and how corporations want to spend their advertising money. The key to this is to stop caring what Christians are doing and focus on your own path. Pagans… get over your baggage… and have a happy fucking holidays!!!

Stay True & Stay Awesome



And yet many Christians still gripe about the pagan traditions within Xmas, and also about its commercialisation, ain’t no pleasing folks! :wink:

I can’t find it now but I remember reading a site calling for the focus on 25th Dec to be on Gifu, in effect adopting “Xmas” (X meaning the Rune, not shorthand for Christ) as a modern syncretism focusing on exchange of gifts, including precious time shared with family one may not see often, whilst retaining the Solstice for exclusively pagan/heathen/magickal working and ceremonies. I liked that, it seems to strike a healthy balance for those of us who have friends and family who retain some degree of Christian beliefs.

Most of us progress through different beliefs based on evolving experience and personal gnoses, especially on a forum like this where the emphasis is on magickal practice, not faith, but family is both immutable, ALWAYS linked by blood, and yet oh-so-mortal, so blowing that out and creating ill-will in pursuit of this year’s beliefs and values seems short-sighted, and contrary to the respect for kin that most pagan societies had.

One can only be certain a currently-held belief is correct and absolute if one is willing to abandon learning and future experiences that may challenge it - to be open to learning means accepting that one’s current knowledge is incomplete, possibly even incorrect. Only a closed mind will never adapt and change its beliefs.

As for moaning about history, how many modern-day pagans would be happy to see a return to the commercial slavery of the Vikings (raiding entire villages, with women and children especially targeted, and selling them into harems and slave labour), or with replacing the Christian-based system of absolute equality under law with weregild (payment adjusted according to the victim’s sex and social class), and blood feuds? :rolling_eyes:


But I’m in :heart: with Santa Claus. :santa: I think it might be a kink or a fetish? :thinking:


It’s the old pro you is anti me bullshit again just focused on holidays. The real holiday we should all celebrate is Saturnalia! Yay! Drinks, orgies, gifts, food, and Cannabis… Smoke em if yah got em!


I like @AdamThoth s idea!! But can we have a Santa tho :wink:


We sure can. I will let someone else give the santa origins history lesson. But can we have Santana?


He did say Orgies! :wink:


Yes!! :smiling_imp::heart:


@AdamThoth of course we can! :wink: