The Visions of an Oracle

So I have a friend who is an Oracle, he’s good at it.

I asked him to take a scry of me, for the third time since I’ve met him. A little background, every scry he’s done of me, he’s seen very vivid imagery that points to strong magick and celestial influences, as well as elemental influences. He told me that his visions of me were some of the stronger and more vivid ones that he’s seen.

Apparently I’m on the cusp of becoming much more than I currently am, and that I have a surprising amount of power at my disposal.

He also scryed my astral temple at my request, and he saw it as it will be when I finish it. So there is that.


Depending on your views of the relation and effect of time between here and the higher planes this could mean in a plane where time becomes more abstract it was,is and has been done since that moment of observed reality. :crazy_face:

Similar to EA’ s statement about how when one works with spirts those spirits are with them till the end and since the beginning. :thinking: if that makes any sense it does to my brain but i mayyy need more coffee. :japanese_ogre:


You’ve also been working with Aighash. No amounts of caffeine will fix that :laughing:

I’ve had prophetic dreams that have torn holes through the veil. Time means nothing to the void, which is the source of these. This is why some show the future, some show the present and others show the past. Just my two cents.


Yeahh… True… If im not careful i may stumble into more Mandela effects as things auto correct the shifts lmao :crazy_face: