The value of a magick journal

I’m going to say that I find much value in having kept a journal of magick that I perform. The value in this or in keeping what is similarly known as a “book of shadows” is that in due time you will have your very own personal book of the evidence of your magick success if you practice regularly.

It’s encouraging to look back and see what amazing results that can be brought about through the documentation of your magick rituals. It’s also a nice way of auditing yourself to tweek your practices to perform better for you.

Much of the time I find, you do get very much what you expect to get but in many times it’s much greater, I believe this shows the spirts interventions. I’ve had results so perfect and beyond coincidence that no human hand or mind could have ever formulated the outcome.

There is also evidence available that suggests that writing down our desires alone helps in manifestation. See the YouTube video called “it works” for information concerning that.

I just thought I’d share this as it’s often advised to keep a ritual journal and the real value that comes with it. I’m sure any practicing magician with enough experience will surely be able to agree.


Keeping a journal outlining your magical experiments, reference notes and observations, works wonders in making things organized and also day to day notetaking recording the highlights in the Book of Shadows. I like to brainstorm, make lists of pros and cons and what works and what doesn’t.

Another journal that I employ is a dream journal. Keeping a dream journal helps me to remember my dreams and to stay in touch with my unconscious mind. One of the most important things I have learned is to know yourself and a dream journal helps with this.

I also use a divination journal to keep track of messages received via divination. Writing down the results of these exercises helps me better apply whatever wisdom is imparted and helps me remember what was learned on any given day and relate it to my activities. Keeping a divination journal helps to strengthen my divination skills.


Magickal Journals, Drugs and Incense

Thing about doing Magick is that it’s a science. That’s why a Magickal Journal – pen and ruled paper – can be really important - but Magick is also an art requiring such a journal. Avoid expensive, inverted pentagram embossed animal skin, rice paper tomes. Something practical, cheap and hard-cover. Looking back at your notes, successes and failures, patterns may emerge – Moon phases, weather conditions, times or repetition may be very important. Maybe not. Anyway, if you don’t have a Magickal Journal we all know you’re having yourself on – even you know that.

Learn about drugs. There’s lots and lots of legal drugs around with many over the counter and/or easily available items consistently proving fatal. Does caffeine - coffee, mate tea or tablets - assist you Magickally? Could these? Why do people still smoke and make tea from Coltsfoot after millennia? Better still, why didn’t you know?

I recommend getting tobacco now – even if you don’t smoke. First, it’ll never be this cheap or available again. Second, it’s great to have some on hand as incense for Martian workings, offerings, etc. Roll your own tobacco comes in small packets. Alternatively, Amphora pipe tobacco is inexpensive and high quality. Decant purchased tobacco into a clean airtight jar, compress with clean hands/spoon, add a few drops of spirit - like dark rum – and seal. Don’t drown. Just a few drops to moisten. Ditto the tobacco harvested from butts. That’s best for baneful workings, but again moisten with chosen spirit and keep separate from your quality tobacco. Alcohol can kill nasties which inherently find their way into such strong, potent, juicy and concentrated, butt-end tobacco harvests.

Whilst experimenting try local foliage, barks, leaves, flowers. This is the traditional way. This will teach you much and stand you in good stead. I also highly recommend Sandalwood timber – the actual wood/bark of the Sandalwood tree.