The Valkyrja – The Daughters of War

There are few things more romantic in Norse Mythology than the valiant warrior being chosen by a Valkyrie to be taken to Valhalla after dying a warrior’s death weapon in hand. However, I cannot help but feel one of the important characters in this mythology is undervalued by those who explore the stories. This character is the Valkyrja… the Valkyries. Choosers of the Slain said to carry the einherjar (deceased warriors who prepare for Ragnarok) to Valhalla or Fólkvangr for Odin & Freyja. In many aspects the Valkyrie serve Odin, Freyja and the einherjar. Yet, it is my belief that these female warrior spirits are far more than just servants… at least in the sense of the magician.

For some time now, I have pondered about the Valkyrja. It was my thought that in the magickal sense (psychological or otherwise) these spirits could be worked with in the same fashion one could work with any other spirit. How are the Valkyries different, than the Goetic demons? Depending on the mythological stories you read the Goetic demons are servants to other higher demons, kings and gods… yet they can still be very intimately worked with. Take the Enochian angels as another example. I believe the Valkyries can be worked with in the exact same sense. However, not just as choosers of the slain, and servants of Gods and Einherjar… but as daughters of war.

Throughout Viking/Norse mythology there are several Valkyrie’s referenced in the text. In this modern-day names, meanings and references have been compiled that provide a far better birds eye view of what these individual Valkyrie stand for. Most of the names of these Valkyrja have meanings relative to war, battle and weapons. Some are implicated to be more offensive in that they represent the act of war, where as some are implicated to be more defensive in that they represent protection and shielding. It doesn’t take a genius to see where I am going with this here.

In my experimentation with this idea I came to a pretty solid conclusion on how I could work with these spirits. Valkyrja are the Daughters of War and if I were to ever apply them into my work as a magician they would be best suited to the one thing most practitioners tend to avoid… spiritual/magickal warfare. Even while many try to avoid conflict with other magicians usually anyone who publicizes their work in the occult will eventually have the threat of someone else cursing them, or acting against them magickally. Now while most of these experiences are easy to blow off, debunk and label as delusional dick measuring it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself prepared in case you need to defend yourself.

There have been times in my life where the only way to get someone to stop bothering me was to magickally force them to stop. Additionally, I have spent my entire career performing protection style magick should I need it. My point, is that war even on this small scale is a very real thing, and while the stories of the Valkyries are set in battlefields with swords, the archetypal idea of these spirits can be applied to any form of conflict that is based in the destruction or defeat of another.

Let’s take the art of war by Sun Tzu as an example. A book on military strategy that has been applied into sports, politics, employment, business and much more. War in this modern day is not just the physical act of blood, blade and bullet. An applicant for a job may try and metaphorically cut the throat of his competition through sabotage. In Politics we see this all the time. In marketing and media, we see this often when false accusations or gossip are so loudly voiced that people believe it crushing the accused person. Truth rarely matters in these situations. It’s all a game and in the magickal world, spiritual warfare is far more than just cursing, and this is why I believe it’s so highly sought out.

With this perspective in mind I believe the Valkyries are great spirits to work with when these situations come to the forefront. Be it a need to protect yourself or a need to blow down a violent obstacle in your path. I am not a lover of baneful magick, but I do recognize that sometimes it is needed. Life is not black or white and the grey areas are where our morals are truly put to the test. Circumstance is rarely pure, and this is why baneful magick while polarizing is often considered when conflict arises.

The Valkyries are great allies to have in these situations. Whether you summon Randgríðr and Mist to shield and conceal yourself or you summon Geirdriful and Hlökk to completely annihilate the enemy, the potential is there. These spirits are both archetypes and external forces as all things are. They are forces that can be directed. They may serve the Gods… but they may also serve you in that time of need. War is never the best option… but sometimes it’s the only option and it’s better to have an arsenal at your back, than end up being slain without a sword in hand.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!
Asbjorn Torvol


Hmnn, not so sure about that bit to be honest based on experience in both the white light world, and the black magicks, but great article paying attention to an under-represented aspect of Norse magick, nonetheless! :thumbsup:


lol for folks on this forum it opposite is definitely true lol but this blog was shared to many other places lmao

I think even black magicians try to avoid it. Not so much the study of it but being in conflict with another. Beyond just drama I mean. Fear of being cursed. Look how many times magicians have some drama together and both immediately assume the other is cursing them so they pump out a fuck load of protection magick.

its all relative :stuck_out_tongue:


Great article man, I never thought to work with the Valkyries in this way. This definitely opened a few doors for me, so thanks. As for the whole baneful magic thing, I think It’s a useful tool. People need to know how to defend themselves magically and that means going on the offensive sometimes. Though I’ve never really needed it, I like to keep that card in my back pocket just in case. You never know when it will come in handy. Best to be prepared.


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As you said, Valkeries are both archetypes and external forces. I dunno if this is a useful observation, but; when I heard of the valkeries I recognized the physical/material/evolutionary aspect of them first.

Most mammals, (indeed most living things in general), have one of two very general reproductive structures. Pair bonding, or tournament mating. In one structure, pairs mate (generally for life), in the other; seasonal competitions take place and the best fighters at the competition get “chosen”. (99% of the time it is the female doing the choosing) Alpha-wolf, Alpha-lion, stag with the best rack, etc, etc. So, next time you see two males fighting each other to impress their potential breeding partners, you see the power of the Valkyries. I do not see the Valkeries as “War Maidens” I see them more as heralds of war. Take a bunch of guys who get along great, then put a very attractive women among them. A competitive/conflict event of some sort is bound to emerge. Even a frog fighting to be the loudest in his pond, still the influence of the “Valkyries” is there. :wink:

Pair bonding Is the general rule among species without sexual dimorphism, tournament mating is the general rule in species with high sexual dimorphism. Humans have a mild/med degree of sexual dimorphism, so it’s safe to say Both those reproductive structures, (pair bonding and tournament mating) exist among us and we have to deal with these drives somehow.

You could even say valkeries made humans who we are today. Predation stopped being humanities natural selection process awhile ago. Now the primary selection process seems to be female choice.

As for an occult work with the valkeries… My guess would be that if you had barriers to overcome, and you wanted more focus, drive, and guts directed towards some goal you could evoke/invoke the Valkeries to keep yourself inspired, revved up, and on target. That’s just my interpretation though.

This kinda stuff is a bit subjective imo, and that’s just my 2 cents.

I watch your YouTube stuff btw man, and I get a lot from it. So thanks for the time you put into those.

Well ya they are great to work with. Sometimes. They are probably one of the most unstable people I have ever been with. I should know I am married to one. In terms of war ya they’ll help but between you and me sex is there stronger suit. Just remember that of a lot if the magickal beings out there they seem to have more of a mind of there own. So be careful and just because of my experience I would not suggest marrying one😂