The uses of mirrors in lucid dreaming

You could always astral project and ask a divination spirit like Vassago or Astaroth for an astral mirror. Astaroth gave me a sigil once to visualize over the surface of either an astral or physical black mirror when I have a question and the answer will be shown to me. Well, it’s more or less his power of knowing anything anytime, in a sigilized form.

[quote=“The Eye”]The mirror method is quicker since I dont have to evoke a spirit, introduce myself, create a relationship and/or make a request for divination with the hope that the spirit accept etc.

With that technique, as soon as I’m lucid, I create a mirror and ask a question.

Gain of time.[/quote]

What is better, speed or efficacy?

To me that’s two different things, like comparing apples and oranges. For a start, a mirror created in a lucid dream needs no intervention by another spirit, which could be a plus if it works. Secondly, AP-ing whilst awake, and lucid dreaming, are two different techniques, and I’m interested in both but I’m not sure either one is going to be definitively “better” in every situation and for every person.

[quote=“The Eye, post:1, topic:3249”]Once the mirror right in front of me I asked : “show me my ennemy !”

Some mist appeared on the surface of the mirror and when it was gone I could see the face of a “friend” I see at the gym. I asked the mirror to show me more and then I saw the “friend” talking with other people and laugh. Then the picture vanished.[/quote]

In Castaneda’s books, Don Juan mentions repeatedly that his spirit allies can’t tell a person anything they don’t already know. Just wondering if that’s the case with this dream mirror. You don’t really sound surprised at the answers you got.

I tried scrying on a wall the other night and it worked out so-so, not all that impressive, maybe I’ll give a mirror a go. I used to use one in visualizations to contact entities in my mind and that worked very well at times, mirrors seem a potent concept to connect to foreign energy or project ideas from our higher mind upon.

As for the HUD, it seems a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy to have all those “stats” displayed. Sometimes I feel myself losing sync with the dream and I can stabilize things and extend the experience, if however my hud says 3% time left I am certain I would never be able to do that because in our mind stats like that cannot be altered (if your phone has 3% juice you know for a fact it is going to die on you). So you’re basically applying human logic to dreaming which I generally find bad practice (stifles growth). If you want to work on security in dreams why not try and construct an object that helps extend time? Or an egregore perhaps. Other options would be to experiment with setting up a space where time does not flow (I’ve been in such a space and your dream will not end). Food for thought :slight_smile: