The use of booze in magick

Hey, folks,
Maybe some of you have some insight or experience on this subject.
I’m a recovering alcoholic and I haven’t had a drop of booze in over six years. In fact, I work as a substance abuse counselor.
I’ve noticed that a lot of rituals involve wine or some other alcoholic offering. The fact that ritual and practice is a personal thing and subject to our own interpretations, do you find in completely necessary to use alcohol for rituals, or do substitutions (water, juice, etc.) work perfectly fine?

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It depends on the spirit you are dealing with but ofcourse you can use other stuff, not only alcohol
Just say if you are working with lucifer you can offer him choclate
Btw keep it up i started to quit alcohol and its been 5 months


Congratulations, my friend!
I promise you, the benefits are infinite, not to mention how much it will improve your practice and spiritual connection.

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When I work with La Santa. Muerte or Baron of the Cemetery. I give them hard liquor as an offering. I might take a shot or 2. You can substitute if you are in recovery.

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No, alcohol is never absolutely necessary. It’s just a perk of the physical world that spirits seem to enjoy. It has a basis in tradition (alcoholic beverages aren’t called “spirits” for nothing), but, as with all things, it can always be replaced with something else.