The Unholy Fruits and Path of Abominations

Hello All,
I am currently pathworking with Lilith, Satan, Lucifuge, Azazel, Cain and Lucifer for various purposes. Here i will randomly share tidbits and workings that I have done.

One is the Unholy Fruit/Apple, which is a ritual designed to align myself with the Infernal/Adversarial current and to alchemize myself into a devil, an abomination, etc. It’s supposed to help you embody those energies basically and ignite your personal power.

The ritual kind if ended up two fold as I was doing the ritual of the Unholy Fruit and consecrating a statue I bought for and to represent Lilith.

Below are some pictures. They’re before and after pictures, so if you think some are duplicates, they’re not:

So why these spirits in particular? Well, one thing for sure is that I would like to perform my own reverse baptism, as well as change things in my own waking world to better suit my personal wants. However, I also chose to work the “Path of Abominations” to carve a path to personal freedom via shadow work and alchemy. (I had a better way of putting it but I had something come up and I blanked out)

I will type up a description of the rite later on.


That lillith statue is awesome!


Its called the unholy fruit because its a mimicry of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Obviously, we aren’t doing it for that, we are doing it to align with and embody the adversarial and vampiric energy.

The symbology of the apple ties into Liliths myth, who gave me the ritual. Thus, The Unholy Apple (or fruit).

So. I started by cleansing the space with the burning of sacred herbs. I do an invocation of some kind after the fact, typically being the Invocation of Perpetual Darkness by Orlee Stewart.

I then ring the singing bowl to mark the beginning of the ritual, where I invoke Lilith and Satan (or whomever), then i anchor the powers of darkness and the energy of Lilith and the other spirits into the apple for the before mentioned purposes. Then of course I eat it, which is when the fun really begins.


Nice setup. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how things turn out.


So I get through all the steps and I eat the apple. I start to receive visions. I was in the Mansion where I typically meet Lilith. I was in this candlelit hallway where Lilith was in a more vampiric aspect, donning the appearance of herself in a Victorian gown, with red eyes and blood dripping from her lips. I had experienced no pain in my legs or anything prior to the ritual for days.

I began to experience a pain just like in the dream detailed here (post was in a separate section of the forum that not everyone can get to, o screen grabs will have to do):

I noticed that I had the Hooves again, with horns. Lilith had “attacked” me. Biting me on my left side of my neck, causing my veins to turn black. My fingers turned into talons and I began to vomit blood and I was looking at myself, as if I Astral projected outside of my Astral body somehow.

All I heard was “accept it, don’t fight it” I hadn’t finished the apple yet, but I noticed that my stomach began to heat up and burn a little, while my legs were in pain, along with my left hand. I took a deep breath and relinquished control of what was happening and took another bite of the apple. The convulsions and vomiting stopped and I was once again able to move around in the Astral. She put her hand on my left shoulder and her sigil, made from a violet light, appeared like a tattoo in the spot she touched.

The visions changed to Cain, soaking the earth in his own blood and a garden arising from the blood soaked soil.

The visions stopped as I had finished the apple and I received insights on vampiric magick and combining it with the Witches Flight, ethnogenic materials, etc.


What would reversing your baptism do? Im genuinely curious. Do you think of it as a tie to the religion that you would like removed? Im kind of looking at it like a clearing or banishing. Some religions believe in weekly baptisms even. What would undoing a clearing from decades ago (im assuming) do to benefit you?

Also, I second the statement that your Lilith statue is amazing :grin:


In order to understand what it would do, you would first have to experience it all.

First, you have the psychological aspect of being brought up in a religious household, where you are constantly under a barrage of attacks (not necessarily magickal) from your own family and on the magickal side of things, attacks from this miscreant people call “God”. “God” aside, when you have that kind of abuse be it on a psychological or physical level of abuse, doing things regarding the occult can be traumatic.

It’s not so much a clearing or banishing in my opinion, while it does seem to have a banishing effect, its also healing. You can’t really move forward when you have a chain dragging you back to the grave.

Performing blasphemous acts, reversals of baptisms etc isn’t meant to be edgy. Its an act of spiritual apostasy meant to help psychologically liberate oneself from childhood programming. Its to restore one’s power that they signed away to something else.

Baptisms are a real spiritual thing and are basically initiations. Typically done at an age where decision making isn’t possible (in other words its forced upon the child, usually speaking from what I’ve noticed, some get baptised by choice as an adult). For me, its about undoing years of nonsense caused by a delusional mother and this is one more step to making that happen.

Now that being said, I am doing a version of it that I am in the process of creating, not only for the above, but also as a way of manifesting the breaking of cycles, habits, etc made outside of religion.

So, same intentions of JS, with a little death and resurrection to boot.


Now of course someone who hasn’t gone through that may not understand the significance of that sort of thing, because the religion meant nothing to them in the first place.


Great answer. I was baptized at 12 (against my will). My grandparents managed to sway my parents to it finally. Luckily, my dad is “buddhist” and doesnt give a shit, and my mom was never strict about our religion either.


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