The ultra secret Grand and enlightened supereme intellectual elite amazing and astounding oculists society! Super secret thread!

Here ye here ye! All grand and enlightened oculists! Here forth which I bring dank memes to all ye fraters and soros! Hail and praise to Kek and his chosen the God Emperor whom brings forth the most epic of dank meme codes such as the great prophecy of Covfefe! The one true Trump doth hail and decree that those most grand and ultra elite intellectual subgenius! Must hence forth treat each deaf dumb blind kid like a mean pin ball! Now
That being said, what does that meme you ask? I’m glad you asked.
It memes that with laser light surgery done with a light hand a trained oculist can repair all visual impairments and bring fourth clear vision by administering red pills under the doctors prescription of dankness and memeology coded meme communication technology for the greater good of all who would meme. Bestowest upon the brethren the dankest of memes. Praise Kek! And Hail the God Emperor!


How to enroll in oculists school… :smirk: first you must under go an intense memology class which lasts a gruling and harsh five minutes. It will be the worst you ever had as you are bombarded by the most profound memes the internet has to offer. Most can’t handle the first three minutes and they fall to the ground and crawl their way to the bell of shame. When they ring the bell of shame the concierge orders the bell hop to place your exhausted body on a cart which is then dumped off a nearby overpass. Proceed with caution!!!
Meme magick is no laughing matter Lol!

It memes that… The emotional power behind meme magick is humor and laughter. It’s the memes to the ends. Or the ends justifies the memes?

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