The ULTIMATE Tool For Performing Ritual Magick!

The ULTIMATE Tool For Performing Ritual Magick!
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Well said. Physical instruments were used to help beginners focus the mind, but once internalized there is no need for the instruments at all.

There are many magicians that have internalized a complex ritual so well that eventually they can take the entire ritual and compress it into one simple gesture done in a split second, and the end result is exactly the same.

It reminds me of techniques of going into a state of deep theta and delta. In the beginning it may take a lot of practice and the process may take some time, but once you’ve spent many hours in that state on a daily basis, there is no need to go through the process any longer. You simply drop into Theta or Delta by remembering.

Another example is a banishing ritual. You’ve internalized the banishing ritual so deeply from years of practice, it is possible to take the internal essence of that ritual, which your unconscious mind stores symbolically as a whole, concentrate that into one simple gesture, word, or thought (maybe all three), and instantly have the same effect.

This would of course apply to evocation as well.

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This is what NLP is supposed to help people do if I am not mistaken. Triggering a mental state with a hand sign or another gesture (i.e. a sound, a snap, 3 blinks of and eye, etc.,) is supposed to bring you there instantly as you repeat the association. Eventually, you don’t even need them, though, or you can perform the gestures mentally with the same effectiveness as doing it physically. I been looking to work with this for a while, but I was thinking againt myself like, “it can’t be this easy.” Well, looks like that lame ass ideal got me doin’ a whole bunch of lame ass nothin’.