The Ultimate Goal

What is the ultimate goal of magick for you? Let’s say you want wealth. What will you do with your wealth? Buy the entire world and become a god? Once you do that, what will you do next? Or let’s say you want love. If you just want to fall in love with one person, that seems like it could be an ultimate goal, but it seems rather non-fitting for people like us who want to be gods. Once you become a god, it seems like there are more things to do. Zeus wasn’t sitting around on Mount Olympus saying “Ah, how nice it is to be a god. I’m done. Time to go play golf with my god buddies on the Mount Olympus Golf Course.” It’s like Faust. You must always strive.

To become more than I am? Good enough to eventually stand beside the Gods until I get tired of it and…who the hell knows after that?

Hmm, I’d rather buy my obscurity, if I have that kind of money.

To live joyously, to unravel the mysteries of the world, to affect positive change for myself and others that will bring peace and contentment. To live in a mystical reality that very few people get to experience. Omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence. To make the world align with my will.

To discover.

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