The Turning of Tides

A few months ago I channeled and divined information about the upcoming months of the rest of the year. A colleague of mine recently confirmed it and no, it’s not specifically about the two of us but is tailored and generalized for all. I’ve decided to share it publicly because I’ve had more than a few individuals contact me about it.

Lately, you may have noticed that a lot is going on. That is because there has been a shift, one may coin it “a shift in consciousness” and while that isn’t specifically wrong, there’s more to it. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the world has significantly changed? That its not the same world you were living In a month or so ago?

See, everything has a cycle to it and because cycles shift, some if not all of you experienced some form of massive change, be it on the inside or out. Rest assured, nothing is “bad” or “wrong”, but rather a process in which everything goes through at one point or another.

These changes have been induced involuntary and are for the interest of evolution, hence why its happening. It can also be a trail period. I encourage you all to explore these changes and see why they specifically happened to you. Fate is an interesting game, nonetheless.

And finally, this in no way shape or form, is meant to cause hysteria, I’ve been pushed to share it, take the message as you will.


Interesting observations indeed

Big and small changes are always happening. You just have to have the right Eye to see it.

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I follow the Astrological Transits so yes there are major shifts going on. What are the “details” of your information.

I agree with you as I’ve felt the same things too.

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