The Truth About Succubus Attacks

The definition of Succubus is not quite settled and recognized in a one clear manner. I’m quite sure that many people believe succubus entity is a negative entity. Monsters of sexual desire and lust. On the contrary, others see the succubus entity as powerful lovers protect them, give them pleasure and help them in stuff like magic and other things.

Everything here is not necessarily 100% confirmed it’s just my personal experience and my interpretations (theory)

Explaining the attack :

It’s the typical process, but succubus attack happens without any ritual, so you don’t summon a succubus, it’s just a wild succubus that comes to you. the succubus will start visiting every night to build a physical connection with you. The succubus may try to open third eye or help you to develop your senses to make the physical experience strong. The person will start experiencing sleep paralysis, strange dreams and sexual dreams about a strange girl or even your sister sometimes. The succubus will develop this relationship over months inside your head.

The Causes Of Attacks :

I’m not quite sure why such attacks can happen. There may be some causes that is not confirmed. For instance, replacing your clothes in a place other than the bathroom may attract such entities. Likewise, if you stay naked and lonely that may also be a cause. Sexuality is the key. Magicians can also send a one to you for purposes like blocking marriage or revenge etc…

The Characteristic Of Wild Succubus :

- Not from a reputable source:

Succubus are individuals, which mean they can be good and bad in person. It’s different than the one you can summon. In other words, wild succubus may have bad manners and behavior. Hardly obedient, if not disobeying you the whole time and shouting frequently at you and at other people.

- No deal ; No rules ; No limits:

No deal between you and the wild succubus. This is very important because nothing is quite clear, weather the relationship is heading to the level of marriage or whatever, you won’t really know until you ask. It’s a relationship that is not your choice, you don’t decided if you want it or not, you will be forced to do what succubus wants or you will be destroyed. They are very powerful to the level of possessing you and anesthetizing your body parts.

- Excessive Energy Draining:

The wild succubus is very hungery for sexual energy, just like any succubus, but what makes wild succubus different is using other ways to feed on your energy, making it the main goal for the suucubus. One of the weirdest ways is sucking it from your neck just like a vampire. After taking a satisfing amount it will just disappear and then come back later when thirsty.


I know it has been 2 years but

Why would doing such thing attract entities?

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I don’t think this alone is gonna cause a succubus or any entity to be attracted to you.

Also another thing, not every entity that attacks someone or is sexual is a succubus and nor is every succubus going to want to be sexual.

Seems like alot of fear mongering, yes succubi (or any entity) can become parasitic. But we seem to have a tunnel vision sort of focus on the succubi when it comes to attacks. As if nothing else could cause this.

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Congrats, you are the first person to post here, after approximately 700 days.

Being naked promote sexuality, building up arouses and sexual energy.
Don’t forget that some succubi/incubi are low level (need to feed constantly)

However, this cause is not 100% confirmed.

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Some succubis are just assholes, I should know


Sure, but succubi/incubi are the most probable entities.
I’m not trying to be biased, don’t rule out other spirit, for sure.

There is no favoritism or discrimination against succubi/incubi entities. It is just that they are always associated with lust and sexuality, they have that popularity and reputation.

Definitely, any spirit can be sexual and have sexual interactions with us.


There’s nothing about how the succubus/incubus attacks and how they operate to make their attacks noticeable on a physical spectrum. The physical attacks can be more scary than what our eyes and ears can perceive, because when you’re more aligned to the energies on an emotional and a physical level, the more possible damage they can do to you. Not to forget their abilities to make you astral project within their own environment.

A very skilled entity, like the succubus, can gain access to the entirety of our physical body in a similar way as a skilled computer hacker can access private and hidden data. Once the access is gained, with or without given consent, they can chose to do good or to do harm. The physical accessibility can be way more damaging than what your eyes or ears can comprehend.

On the contrary, a benevolent succubus/incubus can give the most awesome experiences there is and the deeper the connection is, the more you will ascend with them. Their loyalty goes deep within their heart if they chose to be with you.


In my case it doesn’t work in that way… maybe tmi but while home I’m usually in one of my robes or… just wearing what my mother gave me. I don’t like wasting clothes if im just going to relax at home :sweat_smile: And tbh I actually was hoping for an incubus to come just a couple nights ago. None had. :no_mouth:

Guess I’m not appealing enough for them lol.

Ask Lilith or Samael lol

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Being naked only is NOT enough.

That is discrimination against them technically, because humans are the ones who associate them with that. Lots of people dont seem to think there’s anything more to them then that, until told otherwise. I would also assume that more then half of “sexual encounters” with entities aren’t from a succubus or Incubus – just as given that lack of senses and information about them.

This is bias, what makes them the “most probable”? I disagree. They are but a small fraction out of all the entities capable of sexual interaction ( which is probably most if not all, as it’s a energy exchange basically).

Basically if an entity is capable of energy exchange (which is most if not all) then they are more then likely capable of sexual energy exchange — succubus and incubus are a very small percentage compared to all other capable entities. In fact I would assume alot of entities get labeled succubi/etc just because the person experienced sexual interaction with them when they could easily be an angel, fae, elementals, and many many more types of entities

Succubus and Incubus are human made names, solely from humans. The definition of succubus and incubus wasn’t because they chose that, because humans back in the day decided that because sex, among other things back in the day was seen as a “sin” – plus I doubt most encounters were from genuine succubi/incubi.

My point is that alot of it is fear mongering, and bias as well as lack of information.


Succubus & Incubus is same entity
They have dual personalities

This information is practically seen