The true nature of Bathin and Gaap?

The goetia says these demons can transport men from one place to another. An article I read said Bathin can help the conjurer astral travel. I’m about to leave my living situation and never come back, this means relocate and I have a certain destination to get to that is across country. Do I take the description of these demons literally or take it as soul traveling? Is there a better way to reach this goal?

Not literally. Obviously you cannot physically teleport. Gaap is about “Crossing the Abyss” which can be taken as a way to initiate Alternate Reality Changes which might bring situations that transport you to your destination. However it would rather help you more in the form of Pre-cognition of knowing what you have to do to get where you have to go. Not sure what you are trying to achieve as far as moving.

I agree with Bio, however, they will help unblock barriers and open doors to facilitate you on a move…however you view move…

But physically they can levitate you, so wouldn’t they be able to fly you across the sky? Or is that beyond their powers?

Try it and see. =)