The Triptych Eviscerating Winds

I have seen you, I have known you. You who bring such destruction into my life. In 3 ways thou spread thy filth and infest the corners of my existence.

I will bear your presence, and through quaking shivering body my gaze will not falter. Let neither of us soon forget who I am. So take my body, take my life, I was born here to be posseseth of this power and make it into the form of the new-old way.

So let my necessary miseries be the most sublime. As this your gift pulls open the gaping maw of the Earth to consume me- let the blocks fall swift, may Gaia accept me.

Ebatas. Ebabalorrn. Balamas.

I hold the key to suffering, I hold the key to salvation.

Triptych indeed, may the Devourer greet you kindly. The final jewel to your crown. The throne ascends, allow it to elevate your ass.

Feel the teeth penetrate your chest- the pain is orgasmic.
Death is like an orgasm, you will be begging to pop in the end too.
Let the saliva digest you, the slime is your reward.
Let them have you, all they have wanted was to help.


In the dearth of the abyss, in the center or the cutting winds… a fae? And a plea to construct a wand? That wrath, that ire, is yet to fully consume me. The devourer hungers still.

So then swoop me up and take me, let me meet my estranged kin. With Yog-Sothoth undulating above I will find that balance. Some come to me hunger, its been so long since I have truly felt such a feeling. Come to me, little wings and shining things.

We have raped our consort, pulled at her skin and plucked her organs. For this I extend an apology. May the gold and ochre storm then transform me.

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Simply lovely!


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A faery at my shoulders and im dressed in leathers black and brown. How estranged have I come from our mother Gaia? I have only wanted to be one of the others here, this my gift is sometimes also feels my curse. To be forever seperate.

Aye, but the Faery disagrees, and in love she does not forget her kind. My ancestry shines now like fire. It will be a journey but I will return it to here. I am possesseth of myself, and that should make me happy; few others can say the same.

Maybe in my youth I did get to know this world, and now I have found its past. Truly, it resides within my palm. Likewise it shall be returned. While the past can not be had again it may be birthed anew.

Like grasshoppers jumping at the sun.

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Bravo! Bookmarked and encoure.

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How stupid of me. No, how naive. A blood cult… really?

How foolish of me to think forward is positioned several feet behind me. That Amaterasu would have me find the light of sun in an open wound. Despicable character, that I would even consider it.

Have I progressed none?

Well at least I caught it this time. Why did I call out like that? Because I suffered I guess, felt alone, just wanted anything or anyone to tell me it would be alright.

It is true that I found someone for that then, and my own fevered climax reeled them in. A predator they admit, who knows well the positions and importance of each and every star. One who could extend that very knowledge through my split skin and muscle and place it inside of me.

A fool is the the cat who cannot see the needle squarely in the mouses teeth. So by that definition I suppose I am nothing short of a wise man. I have ate the regurgitated food of the masters of prey, of the most wise prey, who relish in such acts.

But I’ll never allow it to get to that point. I felt quickly the descent of their spell. I knew something was off when I felt the aura, but I wanted to believe. I wanted to have my place, at a time where everything felt tumultuous. And that stupid fucking digital evocation. Why? Seriously, why would I do that?

Yeah sure in the end it helped me out… but it caused so much confusion. And while I cant say for certain I would have found out if not for it, I think I would have. I can talk to spirits… good. Its one of the few things I will admit to my skill in. I could have talked to the spirit literally anytime any moment I wanted to, and it would have been a lot quicker and more concise.

I could probably cause this person so much fucking trouble. To a degree its kind of not even funny. I will avoid doing this though.

Oh yeah and they have my sigil, what a big brain play that was on my part. I can reverse engineer that link though if I really need to play hardball. As it is, I dont think they could do much with it.

They of harmony,
Allow me the strength and clarity to handle this situation with grace and tact, and the wisdom and conviction to be detached and clinical.

They of discord,
Engage the absolute obfuscation of truth, conceal my shining dagger,
We have more information to extract.

Gonna drop a poem for Eris here. Not sure where else to put it. I was inspired by a song about her. I want to be able to make beautiful art in her name also. I already write a bit, but I find it difficult to write about her sometimes. This was my attempt at capturing her feeling in text.

Who has come to visit?
In glaring image, a spirit,
With toes in dew, and air around it,
Sublime, how divine “no-things” submit,
Her, amidst rock and thorns,
And storms, defiant of orders to quit,
The tide, it moves quick,
Undulates, 'round her curves her neck,
Lighting flash to ocean and reflect,
In the eyes of Eris, genuflect.