The Trinity of Promethean Wisdom (a revealing and a prophecy)

I come before thee all and speak for the masters three. For aeons the shining star, the black ice, and the black sand all stand together as one. The three kings. One in the earth below, one in the frozen north, and one in the dry east. They are not as men sometimes think they are. Not psychological machinations of the mind. They plan and plot and beseech their legions unto the world between ours and theirs, pulling silent strings as they go, bringing wisdom unto man. But alas, an age of chaos has fallen onto man and only the children of the trinity can salvage the future of the pack hunting apes.



Your right though. Everything is illusion. Nothing is concrete or truly real.


Indeed. Working with beings like azathoth Loki and the Morrigan tend break the idea of reality so to speak. Dissiloution through the alchemical process tends to also do this.

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The beauty of the Left Hand Path (and the forum) is that everyone is free to choose a paradigm that works best for them, and I get exposed to numerous opinions and experiences. I get to choose for myself what to believe and how to practice magick.

Chaos Magick is one of many paradigms. I pick and choose what works best for me from Chaos magick- which also fits into that paradigm.

My belief and imagination are tools which unlock my power. :v:


Ah look Shakespeare’s calm down why so dramatic you remind of those people in the the occult who sit at the Flame in their candle and try to be the ruler of everything.

Look I’m all for godhood, but that’s no reason to bash other people on this forum this is a place where we help and discuss our workings.

Instead you choose to run around like a troll ’ you’re saying shit like ’ " fuck you " and " all is real ".

Clearly if you believe all is real, you truly don’t know quantum physics, all is an illusion this is true, your Brain fills in the blanks of what you perceive.

There for all you see is an illusion.