The transition between life and death

My demon boyfriend once said to me: “Death is not a point, but a comma.”
We spend all our lives in fear of death, because we think there is nothing waiting for us later. But anything in the universe evolves to the next stage, nothing remains unchanged. Our evolution is not only based on the experiences of a lifetime, but of many: past, present and future.
During an astral travel I tried to become one with the universe…
I started from being a tree in a forest,
to then become a star. That star told me: “I am an exploded star, but i don’t feel broken. We live to die and we die to live.”
Death is an experience of rebirth, not something to be afraid of.
Reincarnation is the possibility we have for re-learn what we had learned, and learn what we had not learned. And it is the same for emotions, experiences, choices and everything that can lead us to grow.
I often think about … How small we are, and at the same time, how big we are.
We are all part of something bigger, but in our own small way, we are fundamental.
I really wanted to share :slight_smile: Although we have different opinions, i think comparison is a beautiful tool for personal growth.
Have a good day!


I do wonder what truly happens after you die. There’s a lot of theories like reincarnation, parallel universes etc.
I remember in a peter pan movie he said ”to die would be an awfully big adventures”

My personal demons plural “Death and the end is very real for you”… this is it, the ultimate moment. NOW is all u have. No one has returned to confirm eternity

Many people have different ideas, I have described my vision of things.
I have had various experiences with astral travel. I managed to regress in some of my past lives and it was a very nice experience.
I was able to get to know parts of myself, and I recommend digging deep inside to find the right answers.

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Deepest I got to was them having to clinically slow my heart under anaesthesia for surgery. Dunno if it was an NDE, but it was milk white, my temperature was lowered to that of something dead or dying…No body, no memory and a voice telling me not to off myself because i was suicidal…

The brain survives several minute after death. If consciousness seeks continuity, its imaginable that it could prolong the experience within those minutes before all activity ceases to feel and be experienced as though it were a long time???Within that time, how would we know if the brain doesn’t create another life entirely, or decide to look back and analyze its expiring life to see what it would do differently ( hence deja vu) …Maybe we’re already dead or dying, and this entire life we live is within that time span (minutes…) so maybe each second is like 10 years to the point of dying, and it repeats the living experience again because it can’t let go of living…An end being so inconceivable to the human mind, it must squeeze this for all it’s worth .

Im being ridiculously abstract here…only because I havent seen anyone else with the idea ( although there are probably many out there, because once on person realizes something, someone else in the world is thinking the same stuff, coming up with the same conclusions, theories…)

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“An end being so inconceivable to the human mind” Not for everyone.
For the rational mind that it cannot see beyond the boundaries imposed by itself.
I accept this vision of death not because I have this sense of emptiness that I have to fill, but as part of our being, I don’t fear it and try to understand it.
This is the speech, but you’re digressing around a bit. We cannot fill our heads only with assumptions, otherwise we end up going crazy lol

The idea of continuity is an assumption. The idea something within us exceeds death is an assumption. The notion there is something after death is an assumption…Past the dying process is an area we humans know nothing of. How is life after death any less of an assumption?

I don’t know what occurs after we die. I’m not inclined to take any entity’s claims or advice on the matter…Wanna know what crazy? Religions…they’ve some pretty psychedlic ideas of what occurs after death, as though that were one of religion’s purposes, aside from social control…

I have an overwhelming emptiness…a black sun, i dont think dying is gonna fill it, nor will embracing the dying process.

Mine was not a supposition, since, as i said, I have had various experiences that have given me a clear view of things.
I agree with you about the ideology of religions, which contaminated the human mind and soul.

A clear view …The way you word it suggest to me this is a known to u with an absolute truth…Im not going to say because I don’t know nor should u…maybe u do know what i dont…but the choice of words seems a bit …um…i dunno how to put it. Prophets of religions have made such claims…and such claims raise red flags to me…All ill say is, i wouldn’t be willing to see dying and death, without fighting with everything I’ve got…Intuition tells me, tHIS is our moment and when its over…u dont want to experience it…an oncoming car gets too close, reflex causes me to dodge without conscious thought…Body wants to live…maybe it knows something i dont?

This works if you think consciousness is generated by the brain.

Since my model is that humans are a composite being, I believe the brain is an interface between the animal vessel and our spirit consciousness. This intelligence doesn’t reside in the physical body at all, and thus is not dependent on it for it’s continuation.


Another way of seing it, is that when we are born here, we die on the other side, and we are mourned as we should be, for we won’t see out family there for some time… And when we die here, we appropriately mourned here but born on the other side and there is much celebration.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, and my own past life journeys have given me similar insights - death is just a transition, not an end of any kind at all.

I’m not sure why we fear death. Not everyone thinks this, but I have a feeling it’s hardwired into the animal as part of the survival instinct.
I think it’s also very reasonable to be afraid of the destruction process that is necessary to allow human death.

I wonder what it would be like, if it were possible to choose your time and place to walk out of your body for the last time, like locking up a house you’ve moved out of. I travel for work and think about this every time I leave a hotel room. It was a vessel for my vessel for a while, it contains traces of my energy and I know I’ll never see it again. It is a little death. I rather enjoy it though.

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That’s because it is true for him. I think it’s fair to assume that every post anyone makes on an esoteric forum is going to be opinion. It’s annoying when people state opinion as fact, I grant you, but that’s just communication style, it doesn’t mean he’s trying to tell you how to think.

It also doesn’t mean either of you are delusional. I think you’re allowed to disagree and both be right - I explained by in my bat’s in the belfry post.