The Tower of Names for the Future King

So they say that the King of the Future is the one being described here. Just how the Abrahamic G-D has a tower that’s made out of his names so does the person being described here.

Anyone else impressed by this Tower?

Messiah,Prince, King of the North,
Supreme, Shadow, Saviour, Dragon,
Beast, Leviathan, Divine Being, Prophet, Epic, Emperor, Little Horn, Lawless One, Son Of Man, Abomination of Desolation, MasterMind, Gog and Magog, Prince Of The World, Verbal Criminal, The Child Of Prophecy, Destiny’s Child, The Gifted One, Master, Peace Bringer, The End Bringer, Trillionaire, The White Horseman Of The Apocalypse,
God, The Man of Sin, The Son
Of Perdition, The Bloody And Deceitful Man, The Wicked One,
A King Of Kings, A Lord Of Lords, The Man Of The Earth, The Mighty Man, The Enemy, The Adversary, The Head Over Many Countries, The Violent Man, The Assyrian, The King Of Babylon, Son Of The Morning, The Spoiler, The Nail, Abominable Branch, Branch Of The Terrible Ones, The Profane And Wicked Prince Of Israel, Last Of The Ceasars, The Prince That Shall Come, The Vile Person, The Wilful King, Desolater, The Idol Shepherd, The Angel Of The Bottomless Pit, Destroyer, The Unclean Spirit, The Rod Of God’s Anger, The Foolish Shepherd, The King Of Fierce Countenance, The Chief Prince, The Seed Of The Serpent, Prince Of Tyre, The Crooked Serpent, The Cruel One, The Destroyer Of The Gentiles, The Evil Man, The Head of the Northern Army, The King of Princes, The Merchant with Scales of Deceit, The Proud Man.

Wasn’t The Nail one of the names of the Anti-Christ?

Hmmm I’ve never heard of that one before.