The time is nigh...?!?!?

Hello again fellow magicians. I would once again like to extend the invitation of the Lake of Fire Ritual to any Pennsylvania magicians. The time is noon and the date is October 30. Please private message me if you will be available and want to participate.

I wish you the best! Ive got something going on during that time for the four kings. If this goes down its gonna be one hell of a magickal experience. Im sure ill be “seeing” you …bahaha…

~ arianna

Hi andrew how are you im Angel Caido from the 4t could you give me some info around the lake of fire ritual please

I wish I could! I live in Colorado but if I had the time off and money I would definetly attend.

Hey no problem man haha i appreciate the thought. And yea Angel its the one where EA descends into the Lake of Fire in the book of Azazel. In the beginning i believe. You start by making an elixir of manifestation then add yiur blood to it. Banish alll holy influences by opening and breaking the sigils of the four archangels. Then you successfully evoke the four Gatekeepers of the Infernal Empire. They then open the way to the Lake, which opens beneath you in your magickal imagination. You fall in due and then are reborn by the gatekeepers and brought out.

Hey Andrew i definetly think this is a rare oportunity to do something this important and the timing is amazing. I wish i was there my friend beacause i definetly would take part in it. I would tell my brothers and sisters to take part in this if they are ready for the incredible change and power that the four gods will give them.

Your starting at exactly 12 noon ? Im trying to figure out when i need to start my thing. So the timing is perfect.

Is this any help? “time here and there” calculator:

I wish I could be there for this. All the best to you. I’m sure I will be along soon enough.

Thanks brother and yes it is an eexciting ritual. And yea Arianna twelve noon ill start erecting gates and such. That way i can feel the Lake in all of its infernal intensity lol

Im just trying to figure out if we start at the same time we should be at the right stage for me to go.

I’ll have one going in alabama dec. 17th