The Time For Death Has Come

Good evening BALG,

Nearly three years ago, after months of meditation and divination, I came to learn a truth. A certain person in my life was standing in the way of not only my own personal ascent, but in a way he stood in the way of my entire family, and even my unborn children. But I shall not go into the very details in this post and my reasoning, as this is a very private and personal matter.

I realized I had to take matters into my own hands, and stop this individual. Now I’ve had a lot of success in the past with different rituals and spells, especially when it came to money and love. I started studying ways of attack, binding and baneful magick. I started of lightly, simply trying to remove this person from my life, it worked, yet it still wasn’t enough. I tried to break his will, and in a way I managed to succeed ritual after ritual, yet I was still blocked deep inside, I had managed to create the changes I wanted, but not the final result I required to be freed so I could continue my ascent. So I started reading books like ‘’ Works of Darkness’ and ‘Baneful Magick’, I performed the rituals and called on the demons, and yet again I managed to cause sickness and destruction of relationships, but still no release, my enemy kept haunting me.

Upon further meditation, divination and talks with other practitioners I realized there was only one way, this person had to physically die. He had to be completely removed from this world if I ever wanted to ‘complete’ my ascent and live up to my full potential. So I went further on my journey of dark ritual, I performed many from ‘Baneful Magick’, but also some improvised rituals that I had been granted by forum members. It has been two years now, and I’ve patiently waited for my rival to meet his maker, yet he still walks this earth, and my ascent is still blocked by his presence and me and my family suffer.

I hate to admit it, but I’m not strong enough (yet) to deal with this obstacle myself, it seems I can knock him down, but I can’t give him the final push that is necessary for him to disappear for good. If there’s any of you out there who wish to help me deal with this person or who want to know more details, please let me know. Any advice is also more than welcome.

I’m sorry for the long post, thank you for reading and have a good night!


I don’t quite know the situation well so excuse my ignorance. What I suggest is to create a thoughtform, feed it all of your negative energy, and then send it to him. This can do a number of things. Next I want you to create another thoughtform this one a parasite that will chip away at his energy, making him weaker to all forms of attack, over time. After that contact Glasya-Labolas and ask him for his help. If possible before you do any of this try to invite this person to coffee and talk to them in a non-threatening way. Try to show sympathy for their position no matter how they have wronged you. If they cannot hear you trying to make peace then carry out with the above mentioned. Oh by the way, I’m too lazy to change my post but the first thing you should even before the coffee is to create that parasite for this person.

The most potent thoughtforms are the ones that affect the emotions. If you “code” your thoughtform to trigger memories of his trauma he’s had in his life it will make him crumble even more. As he relives the most horrific moments of his life he will try all he can to escape. Good luck have fun :grin:


Have you tried a severing ritual? I’ve never had to do one of these myself so I can’t really give you details. What it sounds like to me is there has been some line/link established between this person, you and your family. This could have been caused by ether side and could have also been done completely unintentionally. If you “cut” this line/link it could fix your problem.

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Summon me.
Edit: if you need more information, I’ll give it to you.


There is a very big link indeed, and I’ve tried to sever it, but it’s quite impossible, in a way a part of him lives inside of me that makes me who I am, and can only be ‘destroyed’ by killing him off permanently.


Alright, just thought I would try giving you a different option. Sorry it didn’t help.

Wouldn’t be your father by any chance, would it?

Only asking because the thought just popped in my head, from what you just said. When I say father I don’t mean just blood for me the term covers a wide spectrum.

@Zyskal thank you for sharing. I am in a very similar situation myself. It’s uncanny how similar my situation is to what you wrote. Know that after the ritual, you are handing the task over to whoever you are working with. So don’t doubt it’s working.

In my case, the person is protected by another entity. So that’s something to consider as well. It makes it difficult to kill the individual when they are protected IMO. But there are ways to work around that as well.


Do you know how to work around a spirit protecting them? Because my target might be as well although I think he’s just a tough SOAB.


If you can find a way to break or cut the bond, that might help.

You could try what I suggested above, just changing the targets.

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My problem with death magick is that either you have to through in WrestleMania emotions or it goes fluffy bunny and decides to reinterpret itself.

Good old fashion die in your sleep or walk in front of a bus… It should be that simple.

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Change targets as in focus to destroy what might be protecting the target or?

I wish you success in this endeavor.
Some people need to be erased from this planet.


As in severing the bond between the person and protecting entity.

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That’s interesting. Can you elaborate as to how you would go about doing that? I’ve never explored it from that angle. :thinking:

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Thank you, unfortunately some indeed do.

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From this planet alone? Why not wipe their soul out as well?


Nice observation. Let me amend my statement. Some people need to be erased from existence.


In theory it would be the same as your typical severing ritual. The only difference being your focusing on the bond/link between the individual and the entity insted of the individual and yourself.

All very simple in theory.

Hope that clears it up for you.

PS. I do not know if this is important, but finding out who/what the entity is might be helpful.

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You really needed to vent with ppl you trust. Maybe if you book a 3 day bootcamp, Mr.Koetting himself could help. Thx for sharing and best of luck☆


Could you maybe help me erase him from existence?