The Thread For Single People (18+ and Over Only) Adult Language

It’s just finding someone you like being around.

Be blessed.

I find common interest a big turn on

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no. they are the dumb one. They settle for anyone in front of them. They have to have someone there no matter what. they never spent time alone to cultivate or explore who they really are. The ones that are in relationships that are showy are fake. It’s for show not real relationship. Real ones are not showy. It’s productive. The relationship that don’t last are the nonproductive ones. It’s just waste of time,… ones where it’s just sex and no other goals to better life.


I don’t really mean one’s that are showy necessarily. I just will watch couples I know, picture myself in their shoes, and I feel like something would be missing. Probably because I get a bit spoiled, I don’t have to worry so much about what I do in regards to the being around me. I know they know all my thoughts, probably know me better than I do. So there’s no judgment at all even though they don’t talk to me. Every response is just being in sync. Idk, thoughts?

U probably are trying to learn vicariously by putting yourself in their shoes. It’s actually one way to train one’s psychic skills. i don’t know which skills though. lol

That’s very interesting. Thank you lol :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar situation. My guess is that your succubus has led you in this direction even if you don’t realize it. They probably want you to try it. I have an incubus that drove me up the wall but as soon as I started researching magick topics about a half year ago, they calmed down. To the point where they mostly let me do my thing.

Walking the LHP and dating can be interesting. Especially when they see your altar. Not to mention my daughter can sense my succubus when she visits me.

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Got it far worse. Don’t have an altar. I’ve been experimenting with some stuff using candles, incense, ya know the usual to try to help establish a connection with Lilith using those and mantras. But I have to put it away immediately after using it because I live in a two bedroom shared room apartment. It’s so difficult trying to get into a nice, relaxed state when I spend the whole time worried someone is going to walk in seeing me wave an athame around. Luckily, we’re getting separate rooms next year lol :joy:


I keep my alter up 100% of the time.

Lucky, oh well :woman_shrugging:

Well, me leaving Florida, away from this nightmare is nigh, anyone in vegas, or along the way want to be with a happy and blessed man?

Still single.

Wassup yall

sapiosexual lmaoooo

so cringy

Newly single for the first time in 6 years

Before that, my last relationship lasted 6 years

Who’s gonna be the lucky woman to make my next 6 year relationship signify the mark of the beast?

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Still single. 19 in four days. Blessed be everyone here

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im 21, single male, straight, feminive body, to be honest im just looking for some laid,
also some one to talk with, i have some hobbies like watching some anime, also i play some ccg, and if ur wondering why im single is maybe cuz i cant accomplish with any female expectative, also i might be the kind of person who u might feel awkward, but i can be like a loyal servant if u accept me.

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Now that Purple has disappeared some sensibility could be restored to this thread and it might help people out.


32(soon to be 33) year old male that believes in being both kinky and romantic at the same time in a relationship. Definitely a kinky force of nature. Switch-minded personality, although mostly submissive to women as many that I have come into contact with have been close to being the living embodiment of Lilith or Ishtar. Sex magick is a heavy favorite. Anything else, pm me for details?

Also curious about dating sites that lean more towards our mindset.

Neophyte is a new term to me. What is a neophyte?