The Thread For Single People (18+ and Over Only) Adult Language

I thought I finally make this thread if no one else would. Founding a fellow worthwhile freak is quite hard. A partner that is crazy in all the good ways, and none in the bad ways.

Let this thread be about posting dating advice or whatever else.

I am hardcore single. Age 41. Female. Child-free. Indiana.

Anyways, love yourself first and do you.

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Fuck it, if it’s worthwhile right?

19 year old, I have most of it together, which is more than what most people can say my age right?

Looking for a relationship, bullshit free no bullshit involved. Gay.

Obviously no kids, would take heavy convincing to want any.
Edit: Arizona people preferably.


Single thread huh?

Well my name is Phoenix age 23 yes i know i’m young, i’m into females only. In the past i was trying to look for kinky females but no luck. I have zero interest on having kids or marriage. I developed an interest on succubi, hopefully one who is into conquering and making the world mine.


I think the best thing to do when looking for a partner is to accept that it will likely take some time to find someone who is truly compatible with you, especially for people like us who are into magick and such things.

I think it’s also important to spend some time outside of a relationship, to allow you to understand and improve your own self before seeking to bring someone so fully into your life and so close to you. This has been of great help to me, at least. I do not want someone to “complete me.” I want a partnership with another whole being, so that together we may create something greater together than either of us could alone.

After this, the thing to do is to just keep putting yourself out there and meeting new people (while doing magick to encourage chance meetings that could lead to romance). You will likely get rejected, and maybe even quite a bit. I know that I have.

But with every rejection or “failed” relationship has come valuable lessons, about dating and romance, and about who I am and what I want from such a partnership. Looking back now, I know that I would not have been happy with those people, and I am glad for the opportunities that I have had to learn in this way.

More than anything, I think it is important to just not give up, and to never accept mediocrity or to settle for something “ok.” Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest people in the world, has said that the most important decision you will ever make is who you choose to marry. A little frustration and temporary loneliness is a worthy price to pay for making the right choice, I say.


Will smith say. Im not looking for happines, im happy and i want a happy person tat have her own priorities straight to bring happiness together, wat exactly you looking for, love,? Partner,? Or just venting


About to be 26.

Dude, into women. Trapped in shitty small town Ohio.

Just fucking scry me if you want to know more.


Best of luck to you all < 3


Female, 38 (like all old-school witches, I look good for my age and like to date younger :wink:). I want to get married (to the right person) and I am not interested in having kids. I’m in Southern California and have a strong preference for skinny, long-haired rock-and-roll boys.

Many have tried…all have failed. Good luck, guys.


instead of rock and roll, would classic rock also fit that description??

  • 35
  • Male
  • Kentucky
  • Sexually open but I prefer feminine features & breast implants if my partner does have a cock (“traps”)
  • No children myself, don’t mind if partner has them

Looking for that special someone to invoke 'n chill, then do comfy things with. In to camping, hunting, bingewatching spoopy movies/tv, gaming (tabletop & vidya), & working with demons in whimsical ways.

24-year-old Afro-French male living in France (I might leave the country soon, though) who is only attracted to females. I am looking for someone with whom I could study magick, share spiritual experiences and enjoy mundane things.

While magick is an essential part of my life, music is also something that means a lot to me. When I am not practicing on one of my instruments or playing a gig with my band, I am listening to music or looking for more songs to broaden my horizons.

Bro, I recommend you to listen to this great audio by Dimash, you’ll may or may not like it, depends on your taste :v:

Same, except the marriage part :).
Good luck with finding that cool rocker dude :heart::heart:


I’m looking specifically for a wise woman who can help me figure out why I dreamt I was giving a tutorial on Wing Chun, while I feed her. I’ve never taken a single martial arts class.

Then later I advised the congregants that Wing Chun is purely aesthetic and that you would lose badly in a street fight; and told them to practice Krav Maga instead.

Why am I trolling these well meaning people who spent their hard-earned cash to come watch my demonstrations? Does it have anything to do with the Chinese man who shorted me at the liquor store?


You ate them, didn’t you?


Some powerful stuff, you got there! I am very picky when it comes to music, but this definitely is something I would listen to more often! Thank very much for sharing!

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I find that a simple “no” tends to suffice :rofl:

19 male/androgynous
Relationship: Open
Sexuality: Bi/pan
Prefer women, fem boys, and androgynous type.

So Cal

Im into business, bdsm, music, and marketing.

Working out
Deep movies and shows

Parties are fun in moderation same with drugs and alcohol.
Really into that soft egirl and goth egirl vibe.
E boys, black boys, and skaters, also just general businessman (obv)

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Eh, fuck it. Why not?

Twenty-two, female, gothic or punk-rave most days though I can slip into grunge territory with enough Nirvana in my bloodstream. I love rock and metal of different genres (particularly alternative rock and symphonic metal) but I also have a taste for EDM genres, music as old as the 1930’s or so, and even a bit of old rap. Modern rap is very rare for me as most rap I listen to is technically labeled as “Alternative” which is basically just rock…but rap. Think NF and you’ve got my modern rap flavor down.

Hobbies? Eh, let’s see…

Anything philosophy based (moral debates, political opinions, existentialism, and so on) or having to do with nerdy pass-times (comics, anime, manga, video games, you name it).

I also frequent hookah lounges, and tend to enjoy enthusiastic walks in the woods… (Whoever gets that reference has a high chance of understanding my morbid sense of humor).

I’m a submissive by nature, but a very dominant one. I have high standards for people mentally as I myself am quite aware of myself and others, but otherwise I tend to not expect much out of people. In fact outside of intelligence I prefer that relationships remain as open as possible, since I don’t believe in a healthy relationship preventing people from doing what they want. It’s kind of the opposite of enjoying life.

I prefer women, namely alternative ones either in style or attitude. Being goth is more than just expensive European clothing, lol. That said, I’m not against males either — but I tend to prefer the androgynous or feminine ones, as I simply find those kinds of guys to be more my taste. Plus, they tend to take care of themselves more often, and put more effort into looking good — which I adore complimenting them on (men don’t get enough recognition for that!).

As far as my work life goes, I’m a student at the moment. I’m working towards a Sonography career. If I can get my Asthma under control, I plan on serving two years in the army as a Combat Medic, but that’s years from now. I find great excitement and pride in being apart of something bigger than myself. Though I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s because I’m a good person - I just want to live a life worth waking up to. Even if I come out with some nasty scars.

Speaking of scars, I have those. Both physical and metaphorical. So, there are some things I can do without batting an eye and other things that I can become quite childlike over. I may even cling to your sleeve in cases of fear or panic. Some think it’s cute. Others think it’s annoying. Just a fair warning to any who plan on actively meeting up with me in the future. Should anything ever escalate to that point.

I don’t date people who weigh more than their height can manage (aka obesity) so if you can’t walk, I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with that level of effort. I don’t mind thick females, but the same complaint can be said for overly muscular folks (of either gender) as there’s a reason I prefer feminine frames. If every breath makes your muscles bulge out of your neck, I won’t be able to eat around you, and I will surely starve. So, good luck being a weight lifting champion. I have absolutely no problem cheering you on as a friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

My home life is shaky.
Always has been.

I grew up in the system and have struggled to make my way ever since. I don’t value family, and honestly, I value few people. There will be things that will be difficult for me to understand, and there will be times where I need things that would be normal for the average person (example: someone doing something for their parent even though they hate them and there are other ways for their parenr to get the task done without inconveniencing their kid, but their kid does it anyway because of some unspoken obligation…you’d be surprised how many people deal with this oddity).

If I don’t understand something, I will ask. I will continue to ask. I will likely piss you off if you try to use emotion to make me understand. For I cannot relate to it, as I don’t have family. Usually I just call it “those family things” and leave it at that. You can either be understanding of my lack of experience with the subject or be angry at me. I’m pretty laid back either way.

I’m also extremely honest.

To a point where I will neither lie to you, or lie for you, unless I would be willing to die for you…which I’ve only felt towards one person ever, and I’ve had relationships that lasted over five years. So, if you’re looking for a partner in crime? Expect me to bitch at you for manipulating people, but also know that if I do something…you’ll never have to question whether I did it. Because I’ll flat out tell you. So, pros and cons…

Lastly, I’m a relationship anarchist. Loyalty has a skewed meaning to me. I have relationships, of various kinds (romantic, sensual, sexual, and once even financial), some more frequent than others. I don’t consider any relationship necessarily better or worse than another, but I do consider whomever manages to get close to me to be special to me.

If you’re looking for monogamy, I’m certainly not the girl you seek, but if you’re wanting a best friend one minute and a girlfriend the next who can jam out and talk shit, play competitive games with you, and later talk about the world, our place in it, and fill you with warm fuzzy BS…eh. Why not, right?

Gotta warn you though…

I’m a difficult mongrel to fall in love with.
I’m an even more difficult creature to let go of.

Have fun ~

EDIT: Also here have this. For fun.

• 22 years (female)
• “90% lesbian”, into goth / androgynous guys sometimes
• Gothic, Punk-rave, Occasionally Grunge
• Music lover (alternative rock, Symphonic metal, 1930’s - 1960’s music, Old Rap, Rarely Modern Rap, Industrial Music and other EDM Genres)
• Brutally Honest (I would tell you basically anything you asked if we were close enough to be in a relationship)
• Nerd (from video games to comics and more)
• Orphan (I don’t get family, I’ve got scars)
• Will probably bite you, and if you’re meant for me you’ll probably like it
• Secret weakness for vampires
• Read the above if you wanna know more or just send a message — if you send a message and your question is answered in the above, I’ll ignore you since it feels like a waste of time to answer if if you’ve shown that you’ve already “read” this but didn’t care enough to actually read it