The thirst has hit the astral realm! (dealing with a random sexual obsession)

Hi everyone! Im new to this platform and to be honest with you all, I joined because Ive been haunted by the thoughts of some dude from my past and it’s annoying the hell out of me, whenever I meditate or even while I’m dreaming, he’s there and he’s fucking me, it’s crazy.

My mind had suggested duke sallos which I knew nothing about and having learned more about him, I wasnt sure I should ask for his help since Im a beginner and I might summon things I didnt want in my life. Also, my brainwashed brain fears that if I did so, I’ll end up in a place worse than the one Im currently in.

So if that’s a bad idea for someone as fear ridden as me. Is there a way I could stop obsessing over this random person? is there a spell to do that?

I won’t lie, I had feelings for the guy at one point and I still kinda mildly do,it’s been 3 years though and we had a pretty bad fight at the end so we dont talk anymore and I am not one to initiate contact, hell no!

these random intrusive thoughts ruined every date I’ve been in so yeah, whether that means he’s “the one” (I dont believe in the concept but Im open minded) or that I should get more dick to get over that, Id really appreciate it if someone suggested a solution.

Maybe I should date duke sallos :thinking:
Anyway I hope this post isnt being disrespectful, thanks for reading me :blush:


Woah… wait you dated a guy three years ago and he keeps popping up into your head?

Was that guy into magic? Did he curse you/put a spell on you so you’d want him back?

Random intrusive thoughts just sounded suspect and sinister to me.


Yeah I agree that’s a little suspicious. Iam very sensitive if someone is thinking about me in any kind of way intensely, I will pick up on it. He may be obsessed with you still. Or you have some kind of spell on you.

Maybe he was using this. It seems so creepy. The testimonials are so weird.


Where do you live ??? Are you in the US ? Specifically Tennessee ? Just the general area, no specifics please. I can help you… .

All Mortals have FREE WILL. What this means for you is that if you don’t want something to happen it won’t happen. So if he’s fucking you in the Astral plain and you allow it, some part of you wants him to fuck you. On the flip side we all can think whatever we want, so if he’s fucking you in HIS mind and you’re feeling it, I hope he’s good enough to give you ORGASMS for your trouble !!!

It might be either of those hypotheses. Any idea how to solve this mess?

20 days after posting this and the dreams just.wont.stop It’s not even like “daydreaming about your ex” it’s a daily thing. I should mention that Ive dated people after him so it’s not like he’s “the most recent” that’s why it’s weird.

Maybe he did use a spell, do you have a tip on how I could know if that’s the case?

Unfortunately, I’m not american, hope you can still help me somehow, I’m truly desperate right now lol. I don’t know how to deal with this mess and as I said, I dont want to contact him.
To tell you the truth, last time we talked he asked me to stay in his life and to not leave, he was flirting with me even though he had a gf (he revealed that way late into the convo) so we got in a fight, told him he’s an asshole and that’s the last we’ve heard from each other lol Havent thought about him since and moved on with my life until now

No orgasms sadly :confused: haha .I always wake up in the middle of the “business” all weirded out cause it feels so real. Honestly, anything involving this dude is very vivid so that’s why I dont think it’s just my subconscious or something but I might be wrong?

Oh and I forgot to say: thanks for the msgs everybody! at least I’m not alone now, feels good getting this out of my chest, thought I was going crazy.

Are you close with many entities? I’d try working with them or Archangel Michael if you’re under psychic attack. Try cleansing or banishing, psychically shield yourself, stuff like that.

You’re not crazy. You’re unfortunately being used right now as a psychic fuck toy… He will eventually get bored with you and move on. What you can do is pray a hedge of protection around yourself from whatever God you believe in. Or to the universe if you don’t believe in a deity. I will put a hedge of protection around you, right now. He won’t harm you at all. Everyday … Put this hedge around yourself. Pray for him as well …that love finds him, and you will never be bothered by him again …

Yeah fight him in the astral realm. Picture him disappearing or if you really wanna fight use weapons. Your imagination is key.