The thirst for power

well guys I just want to know of this is wrong ever since I began dabbling understanding practicing and commiting to the left hand I’ve been rewarded with a insatiable thirst for power it is becoming more and more hard to control there isn’t a time when I my mind isn’t on acquiring power and becoming like azazel there isn’t a time when my mind isn’t glossing over attaining my demonic power my mind is becoming a vessel of complete focus when I come to realization of how much I desire it leaves me smiling Is this thirst good is this what’s supposed to happen to me a dabbler ?

Terry, this I think is common for all novices at some point. There is so much power to be had, and yet one never ceases to learn. That same drive, focus, and desire to become power incarnate is good. Hold it near and dear in your heart and mind. Sooner or later there will be obsacles in your life, whether situations or people, and they will test your abilities. Its obsessive in a way how much power you can obtain or how much knowledge from these horrifyingly powerful demons you can have, yet they have become good friends and alliances to me. I remember recently using sitris sigil ( although in my personal life I havent needed to use him often) I simply focused my will mixed with emotion and a knowing mine would come and something strange happened. I have been with women of all ages, but this lady, an older lady late thirties, came up to me and started hitting on me.She was fucking bad, in a good way. Hahah. We hit it off, and she has money. Not that I dont have money of my own but she made it clear I could be with her and not worry about money again. Yet I just want the sex, and connection is good, but she does not fit the role of my future wife and mother of my kids, the future of my families legacy. Ive noticed although demons may have their own sinister way of doing things, they like the attention they receive from their works. So even today they respect me because there is a thin line between respect and being demanding. Or another instance where I gravely cursed my stepdad because he had caused much grief on my mom , as he sent her to the hospital almost dying from a heart attack from his yelling. Soon they broke up. She moved, and I remembered every moment of every second he harrased my mom and how he made her feel. All that negative energy, which was intense let me tell you was guided towards him and to all who were in close contact with him. To this day I have heard such bad things happening to him. And since I knew he is not in protection of any holy or unholy union, I anticipated with much excitement the treacherous thins that would happen. I didnt wish him death, death is to easy a punishment for him. He is still suffering to this day, with various maladies, and coincidences? I think not. These actions have only been a mitivator for me to continue practcing magick. It must not just be for the power, but WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THAT POWER. You can use it for anything you desire, to bring justice, to bring love lust, and all in between, or even a new empire for yourself, wthether in this world or the next. The idea of power is in every humans brain, but until they know how to exercise it that power stays dormant, and not too many people in their lifetimes will even begin to fathom the strength that they are capable of.

So long as you’re not neglecting everyday responsibilities and needs, like paying bills and taking care of essentials, then it’s not automatically a bad thing.

Anything in life that requires work (as magick does) needs you to feel very fired up and motivated to achieve it, half-hearted or academic interest doesn’t carry people through for long.

Then that is great omg I thought it was bad thank you man you seem awesome I would love to learn from you and fear your take on things if you have a lol let me know it’s an easier more quick way to contact each other

Terry I im no way an expert in anything, but I only speak on what I have learned through time. In this forum we are blessed to have such adept magicians that are willing to help you in any way, including myself if you choose. If you have questions of any kind, type a quick question in a new topic according to the pathworking you choose. Or, you can inbox me. Good luck.

The above replies.Desire for power is the essence of black magick.And it’s healthy.The occultist does ritual,and fantasizes about the time when he can command so much magical power that he can get his income rolling while working as a professional magician.

And with the immensity of this field,not only is there a lot to get good at,there’s a lot of levels to get good at.At this point of MY ascent.I NEVER know,if I’ve EVEN BEGUN in MASTERING ANY skill.

Reading back on experiences from years ago,I could swear that I’ve trascended those people.I have evoked to full physical manifestation,and traveled to the Mental Plane,and heard spirit voices.

However compared to some other people I’m nowhere on the scale.I’ve achieved some things to some degrees.I’ve had different approaches than many people,and I’ve had different results.I’ve been on different levels,and at the end of the day,all of that is GOOD.

It’s good to feel empowered.It’s good to use power.And it’s good to have ideals.

I’ve mentioned before that your fascination with Azazel is an ultimate expression of enthusiasm and magical success,ambition and potential.One of the world’s most powerful demons is knocking so hard on your mental door and you may not even know it.

So contact Azazel,work with him,sign a pact,get possessed,do whatever it is you wanna do with Azazel,and from my experiences,he’s an excellent teacher,who understands that one must master themselves before mastering their own universe.

Ye know,when one starts on the path of demonic descent,their ultimate goal is to become a demonic king in their own right.They see the powers wielded by demons,the power they want to learn and command.

And then as they do so,they see that they already were demons.That the demons listen to them.They begin to feel that offerings aren’t there to pay the spirits,that the spirits are working for free,and that the offerings are there to anchor them.

They learn to evoke with their mind and do all sorts of weird things.And as they work they find they are in a higher state than the demons,who seem to envy the fact that they have power over the world of flesh and substance.

Crazy,right?But as you work more with this mindset that demons are envious of you,you start to see the fallacy of it.You see that the way Azazel presents himself is only one of his many masks.And that the fullness of the being is more than just the ancient goddess Al-Uzza,more than just the promethean Watcher,more than just the scapegoat,and even more than just a demon god.You start to see Azazel for what he really is.And you start to see how it works.

You can do things he cannot(like sexual pleasure,not having your every thought materialize into a thoughtform,making art etc.),he can do things you cannot(self-explanatory) and by mutually agreeing to share your secrets,you’re letting Azazel work on this world,maybe possess your body,and have his power used,and his quest to teach us magical secrets fulfilled.

And you?You’re becoming more and more like him.Until gradually,Azazel becomes more than you.And you become more than him.You’re brothers,forevermore.

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You are amazing my friend you really explained a lot to me like I just began on this path and I’m so obsessed with becoming a dark god I envy what they are capable of especially azazel I want some books to read though concerning people who ascended to be dark gods if you know any let me know also arcane I would love to learn from you and hear about your personal experiences