The Third Eye and Seeing Energies

So, firstly a little background. I recently had my third, fourth, and sixth psychic eyes opened with help from a friend from a group from The Order of the Celestial divine. Now with that out of the way allow me to present my inquiry. I’m currently in my biology class, and just finished a test. I was already in a fairly good gnosis because of this so I decided to use my free time to do some chakra work. I went through my crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar, and root. I had difficulties with my root and solar plexus. But, overall it was a good session. While working on my root I could see a lime colored energy on the desk in front of me. I was able to manipulate it, and move it around via will, and physically moving my eyes. I know this doesn’t relate to the root or solar. Does this mean I should do less work with my heart chakra? Let me know your thoughts.