The Thinning Veil and Ancestors

In the LDS Church, in which I was born and raised in, there is an emphasis on the veil between world’s. Mormons are taught that there is veil that blocks our senses from perceiving the Spirit World (where the Mormons belive the dead reside), The Heavens, and the Throne of God. They teach that this veil is placed on us and carried with us. Times when they behold visions or see spirits they say that the veil was “Thinned” in order for them to witness the other side.

Today after I finishing an evocation I walked into my kitchen to make a sandwich and ponder what I learned. I left the door to my temple room open to air it out. As I turned around to put the grape jelly back in the fridge I saw a figure comprised of the smoke stroll out into my kitchen. Surprised, and a little worried that I may not have closed a gateway properly, I began to trance out to view the spirit better.

“Oh shit, hi Mom” To my surprise it was the spirit of my dead mother. She followed me from her place on my ancestral altar to see me. We had a quick conversation, she scolded me for cussing, and she left.

I have never tried to evoke an ancestor, I only keep an altar and talk to them. I am a little surprised that my mother would just pop in. It got me thinking about the Mormon belief of a veil that resides just outside of the physical body.

My question to you, or those who have experience with soul travel is, have you noticed anything like this while leaving your body?

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Well I don’t have any experiencevin soul travel,but your experience reminded me of something that happened to me when I was 13.

My dad had just passed away on christmas eve of 1999.
I was devastated being that I loved my father but during the last few mobths of his life he became mentally unstable doing things like trying to kill me by strangulation and trying to burn the house down.
Most of my family thought he was possessed because he would have fits where he would begin to growl at me and my mom saying he was going to kill us.
When my mom told me to pray fir him I took his hand and as soon as I muttered the word God he lashed out growling in a voice to where it seemed like two seperate voices were coming from his mouth.

I found him dead a few weeks later on christmas eve,and was completly devastated.

A few days after his passing I was laying on the couch getting ready fir bed because I was too scared to slerp in my room because it was right next to the room he died in.

From the couch I had a clear view of the hallway which led to the bedrooms.

I looked down it and saw my fathers head floating in the air alittle over 6 feet in the air which my dad was 6’4 so it was about his height.
For the first time in awhile I wasn’t scared of him.I felt a sense of protection.

The next day our pipes froze and busted so we had no water in the house.

That night I had a dream of my father in the bathroom of our house sitting on the floor and fixing the pipes.

The next day my mom and I woke up and the water was working just fine!

So what I’m trying to say in all this is that I believe especially when it comes to ancestors that they seem to be one of the only spiritual experiences that you can have with no occult backround.

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I am sorry to hear about your father, Musta. Losing a loved parent is hard.

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Yeah this was the biggest loss of my life that I’m still not over.

But one of my first occult experiences was me calling out to the angels and as I was I was kneeling.

I also called out to my father.
When I asked for an angelic blessing I felt a hand on each of my shoulders.
When I felt this I called to my father and immediately felt the touch of my fathers hand on my head.

The most serenity I have felt in a long time.
Also the only spiritual experience I’ve had to make me break down in tears.

But it was amazing none the less

The more I write about this the more I’m thinking of trying to contact my father for guidance and love.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience Orismen!


Ancestors are amazing. :slight_smile:

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lol “oh shit, hi mom” that’s cool :slight_smile: