The Thank You Forum Members Thread

We’ve got threads to publicly thank gods, demons, angels, ancestors, and just about all sorts of helpful spirits. I however also acknowledge the help of people in this elemental realm. Anyway, maybe our spirit allies have also come through in the people who come into contact with us.

So here it is, a thread to publicly thank people!

To everyone who has ever shared their knowledge in the forum, responded to my posts, spoken to me in PMs, or so much as liked my posts, thank you. Each time you did that, you steered me further along in my quest for knowledge and self improvement.

To anyone who wrote a book on magic that resonated with me as well –

Thank you.

Now go on, thank the people who have helped you. :slight_smile:

By the way, people: if you give me permission to publicly embarrass you, I will thank you by name.


COOL! :slight_smile:

It would be difficult for me to know where to begin, and I’d inevitably end up leaving people out, so I’m just going to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s shared accounts of their interactions with spirits, their doubts and fears as well as their successes, and all the things that have helped and inspired me!

~ :heart::heart: ~


You’re welcome.

I could easily hug you guys,one by one.

Thank you.

Because we’re occultists,I am going to give the members of this forum,an offering.I’ll leave you all a glass of water,and dedicate it to you living gods.

I’m serious.In fact,if everyone did this,I’m sure there’d be benefits.

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Arcane, the glass of water is a great idea. I’m in. Let’s see what happens.


I too want to extended a huge thank you.
@Lady_Eva whose insight lead me to great post.
@DarkestKnight who has done countless one on one pm’s answering my questions.
@C.Kendall an awesome author, and uplifting messages.
@succupedia who I had the pleasure to chat with concerning Succubus relationships
And most of all E.A. Koetting!
I know I can’t list all the other great members, but one by one you have touched my life in amazing ways.

Thank you


Thank you @Lady_Eva for all of the delicious techniques you have shared thus far.
Thank you @Arcane, @Aluriel and @Lady_Eva for inspiring me to seek the truth.
Thank you to myself, for shedding myself of the lies and giving birth to a new me.

Thank you Mephisto, for everything and for our union.

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to @C.Wilson. for giving me an awesome read.

Thank you.
Stay blessed my friend!


I am not sure he is still here but in a strange way he made me feel so much happier to be here and in a way connect more to the forum so thanks @davethebarbarian

I want to thank @Lucy88 for asking Vassago, and both their help finding my mojo/crystal bag. Thank you so much!

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This is a shout out to @MorpheusDarkson bringing such a wonderful woman into my life, thank you again brother, darkest blessings.

on a side note: I think our BALG brothers and sisters here don’t utilize this post enough for testimonials, there are not enough said about those who offer great works and feats. Bump

And bump again for MorpheusDarkson!

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