The test proposal and confession furfur

how the convo ended

me;do you need to go


me;i do to…do you want to stay and watch me get dressed?

furfur; no…

me;…do you want to watch me strip?

fufur; “__”

me;if you say yes right now i will

furfur; YES

me;just kidding lol

then i heard him groan next to me like for real thats exciting and scary at the same time lol any way to the story
today went like this…my phone broke it fell in the toilet idk how on it was in ther idk wen it even fell but it was full of water so i cried about it tried to save it i couldt so i went out searching for oneall day i couldnt find one that was in the price range i needed it to be right so i went to see if a friend could take me to walmart but i needed to wait til after curch was done ugh…so as im sitting there they made us stand for prayer my knees got weak n i could bbarely keep my eyes open and stand so i sat back down nput my head down the he said to me

go back to the right hand path and send your prayers up to the god these ppl speak of you’ll be better off doing so…

n im like wat? no y would i want to go back to this if i dont feel like i belong? i never felt this path was right for me i felt like a lost sheep i dont feel like that on this one n not while im with you (bunch of sappy stuff) i want to be with you in life n death nothing less nothing more

furfur;if what you say is real n true give my your hand in marrage to prove your loyalty n trust in me.

me;havent i shown my undying kiyalty to you?

furfur yes you have

i started to ask him eutions how has been with me since i was younger, he is the only one keeping an eye out or on me… stuff like that so on n so fourth after i was able to get a new phone n get back home.
so after i goot back i get ready to ivoke him n then i aked him about what that was about earlier he said he was just testing me im like oh im like were you not serious about marring me he said he was serious about it we takled n got in to other things then talked some more
the said the entity who visited me wasnt azazel like i thought but lucifer him self it was an initiation and aprovle oh his proposal
then i asked him was he with me this intire time cause he loved me he said no i was paired up with him by some one he didnt tell me who cause i didnt ask i asked him if he loved me he said yes i asked him if he was thinking about asking me for awhile now he said no so it was only recently he was thinking about it then we started talking about like how he would get a human body magic the future also things i jsut was curious about like kids n stuff then he called me strange lol so im like really you think im strange oh you hurt my feelings and startd to fake cry and he just laughed lol all in all it was the longest convo we’ve ever had mostly cause we got into other things a few time but i enjoyed it he man all the things he said was unexpected oh he made me look to see if friday the 13 was next month n made me guess the day we are to get married im like really “___” he said i wasnt ready to see him face to face yet n im like do you thin im afraid of your or somethin he said no n im like cause im not afraid n im likehow am i to marry you if i dont know who you are of how you look like looks dont matter but still he said i wasnt ready yet then i was askig about if he will take me to the astro plain he said one day he will take me to see what ever it is i want so yeah
i’ll keep you all updated on part two

note; i started writing this ast night n fell asleep s here it is

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:heart_eyes: that is awesome!!!
:thinking: the thing about the church confuses me though!

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Idk maybe he was playin

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Maybe saying it cause I was there again lol actually didn’t want to be there

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:rofl: lol! Well am glad you can hear them now! I hope I can do that while awake soon

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