The teachings of Rashoon

Years ago I made an agreement with a spirit known as Rashoon the priestess of seduction according to which she will make me a master seducer in return for me sharing her teachings with the public whenever she says,even though it was years ago back when I was still a teenager struggling to find his way I still honor this agreement to this day not out of fear but out of great respect and admiration I have for this amazing spirit.

Tips and techniques from Rashoon:

-The planet Venus controls the love life of every individual and this planet may be influenced through the goddess Aphrodite in order to open one’s life to love

-Your unconscious is to be programmed so that you may appear appealing to the opposite sex but the use of tools is required to not only to open up opportunity for this but to maintain it

-Seduction is to be learned on an unconscious level therefore the father archetype is to be influenced by Rashoon or any spirit knowledgeable in this regard

-Obtain familiars for the following :
1.(For out of your league targets ) : Lowering their social status in their own perception.

2.Your shadow archetype is to be influenced by her so that your body language and overall behavior is in accordance to your desired outcome.

3.Two spirits are to be employed…one for creating a magickal glamour to make you appear as something you’re not and the other for maintaining the illusion by influencing the target independent from you.

Feel free to ask any questions

  1. Do you have any experience of this spirit giving you results which lasted, and which were beneficial to you

  2. Please complete the intro as requested. :+1:

The method I described above has been my go to anytime I was dealing with an out of my league target but of course you’re not actively bending the other person’s will which means you won’t get the girl 100% of the time but this ritual has greatly influenced my performance in the field.

@Lady_Eva the introduction is completed as well

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Thanks! :+1:

Interesting. I read that she was ruled by Venus and the Sun

Rashoon works quickly and potently and increases the wow sex-factor. Awesome spirit to work with!


She’s super quick, very hot energy

Does she work with other deities?