The Teachings of Naos

I must start this off a certain way.

Recently I received the O.A.A pdf from baphomet (thanks for that by the way, I emailed you back) and was flipping through it. I wanted to see if there was a certain exercise that caught my eye.

Well, it did. The one on page 46, lesson II- traveling to these astral places that I hadn’t bothered with before.

So I went to the abyss, but not much happened there. What was more interesting was Naos.

Naos is the blue star of godhood. It is what we hope to achieve, and what some of us are running from. The exercise clearly states to breathe in the power then turn away, but I did almost the exact opposite.

I delved into it.

First, let me say that sinking into pure power feels like moving through fire with the consistency of gelatin. It burns, but a fluid, cool burn- not harmful.

Naos first teaching was simple. As I descended into Naos, my vision was directed to the right, where a black shape took form. It was a medieval knight in black, on a black horse, with a black sword. I was directed towards a vision of him running on a mountain road, trees and more mountains in the distance. I got the sense that something is coming and it’s time to go meet it.

In between this teaching and the second, I came across a small diamond shape of glowing white and yellow power. I lay a hand on it and felt the power rush through my arm and rest in my brain. With this power, I experimented in heat energy. I was able to make someone who was asleep twitch and molt during their sleep from this power source.

The second teaching was more… odd. I turned around the “hall” inside Naos, so to speak, and came across a hallway with an “I” in the floor. Through that “I”, I viewed a desert. I felt the urge to jump through, not down, but through, and I did. When I did so, I landed there with red dust flying all around a yellow floor and blue sky. I got a sense that this was emptiness and that this was what I left behind. I then saw a massive ship, and knew it was Naos. I traveled back to it.

The next node (that’s what I’ve decided to call them) was a shot of power. It awoke me physically, and for a few minutes reality seemed unreal, a photograph, a view of a different time. False.

The next “I” was a desert, but this one changed colors. As I looked on, it became red and then blue and then it became an ocean. I leaped into it and felt like this was the falsehood I had been submerged in. I could hardly breathe, the water was suffocating. I freaked out a little because that suffocation was physical and then traveled back to Naos.

This third node was the strongest. I saw a wave of power overcome me astrally, in addition to the sense that I needed to work through Naos in order to become one with my path.

Anyway, these are just my experiences. Anyone else venture inside that star?


So, recently I started working with Belial, who demanded I cut off all other spirit contact and get my ass on a treadmill 3 times a week for 40 minutes. The numbers are really specific, down to the second, but I’m not sure why.

So I started with him today. I soul traveled to Naos and found him, although silent at first, and he directed me towards a small bubble in the distance. White against the blue. I willed myself towards it, and if you’ve been reading my posts, remember that woman I was talking about in Relationships in Ascent in General Discussion? Well, it was a still of her and a friend in the future (Belial confirmed for me that this was exactly 11 years, 3 months, 6 days, 4 hours, 22 minutes and 15 seconds from when I was looking into it.) in a house, smiling, at a party.

A wedding, Belial whispered. A huge open manor, and there she was. It wasn’t her getting married though.

So I entered the bubble, and found myself in the middle of a mess of people, all happy and partying. I heard something about the bride and the groom, two people I didn’t know, and the still came to life as she and the friend were having their picture taken (only reinforcing to me that pictures are really strong energy signatures) by the photographer. I watched my friend for a little while, but then was directed to the stairs by Belial.

I ascended the first flight, and then had to turn around to go up to the next level. Like in a school building. There was a red and yellow carpet on the ground. I stood in front of the next flight of stairs, but Belial was to my left, standing in front of the flight down. He took the appearance of a black knight of sorts, and grabbed my forearm.

“Wait.” He ordered, and I could see time around me speed up. People moved and objects changed places, the sun dipped in the sky until the house was pretty much empty.

“The first door on the right.”

Confused, I went up the flight of stairs, and went through the door in question.

Lo and behold, Belial had led me to my friend fucking the boyfriend she has currently. This was distorted however, the images came slowly and hesitantly, like I had a bad connection. I gaped for about five seconds and then exited the dark room, stood at the top of the stairs, and looked at Belial. He simply stared.

“Why?” I asked him. “Why did you bring me here to see… that?”

“It’s not over yet.” Was his reply.

Then the world shifted. I was in the air, over a parking lot by a familiar doctor’s office. I flew down to the entrance and saw her go inside. I recognized the building and mentioned that to Belial as I followed her, to which he said- “You do not. I had to place a vision over the outer structure of the building, for in the future this is far different.”

She went up two flights of steps, in white halls with carpet, and turned to the first door on the right. (Notice that?) A brown wooden door was open. I don’t know how much time passed before the old man came in, but he did, and performed a checkup.

That was when the conversation started:

“Are they in good shape?” He asked.

“I’m preparing them. It’ll be ready soon.”

“We must deploy it eventually, deary.”

“When the kids are ready. If they aren’t, I don’t know what could happen. If the vessels are terrified-”

“It’ll be fine. Does (my name) know of your plan?”

“No. He disappeared a few years ago. Mumbling something about the reaper.”

“The reaper?” The old man picked up his head, readjusting his glasses. “What does he know of death?”

“Too much. He killed the god of death, after all.”



“Do you think he’ll become a problem? What if he resurfaces?” At this, she looked to the floor.

“If he resurfaces, he may kill us all. He never did approve of it,” At that, she turned to the old man and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks for helping me, doc. I’ll figure this out, one way or another.”

(Flashes of a blonde woman come into my vision, one with a fedora standing over the corpse of some sort of monster.)

Belial didn’t answer my inquiry as to just what she had planned and what happened to me. He fixed me with a look in the blue of Naos, he black stark, and asked.

“If you want something, why don’t you take it?”

A change. I see myself in bed, and she comes in. I see the mouths move but no words. The images are shaky and come slowly and choppy like a bad newsfeed as she crawls on top of me. Impressed at this, I walk out the door, noticing it was the same one that I walked into at the wedding, and step into the hall. I don’t bother with the upstairs, as I hear a lot of barking and my mother’s voice, instead I walk downstairs.

And something strange was occurring.

In the same kitchen I appeared in, my brother and sister were cooking dinner. Down the hall I could see an indoor pool with a lot of kids playing in it. Aunts and uncles I don’t remember having were everywhere. Cousins.

Everything was… happy. Which is strange, at least for me.

Belial’s voice shook the picture.

“If you want something, why don’t you take it?”

The image broke into a million pieces and I came to view a node that sparked pink, and above it: “Love”

I put my hand on it, and felt extremely at peace before it blew me back a few feet and on my ass.

Belial appeared before me, kneeling, with that same dark armor.

“Now do you see? If you are to master yourself, you must make a choice between the two. This-” He pointed to the word love. “-must be either shattered or embraced.”

“If you want all that I have, you must have this.”

Then I was returned to my body.


Wow! That’s awesome, man. Congrats on the vision.

Thanks! To be honest, Belial’s a bit of a hard ass, but my nickname for him (Belly-Aisle) manages to make him chuckle.

Hearing a Demonic King chuckle can either be the scariest or most profound moment in one’s life.

Powerful stuff - as I PM’d you, he spoke highly of you to me, so I think this is an excellent development and thanks for sharing!

I’ll make a “Working with Belly-Aisle” Thread sometime tomorrow or the day after to post all developments within this period.

This is going to be quite the time.


Under the inspiration of what Sevarn seems to have done,I have made the decision to try this out on my own.I have been through the Abyss before,have been to Algol,gazed at Naos and taken it into my heart,and fled from it.Now,I had opened the sigil of King Belial,expressed my own desire to go there,and get to Naos,and he agreed.He said he’d wait for me up there.

I entered meditation,saw the world around me and soul traveled.I have struggled to exit my body before,but for some reason I couldn’t seem to properly ‘‘jump’’ out of my body as it were.Maybe I was just intimidated,either way,it was hard.

I flew up our cloudy sky,past our atmosphere,until the world faded into darkness,and became space.I saw the stars and planets around me,and all the things we envision astronauts experience.I grew uncomfortable and vibrated ‘‘Binah’’ three times,and was instantly transported to Saturn.I saw the physical planet,and the spiritual place.

I flew into the vortex within,and I saw the planets and stars around me whirl,devoured the darkness I had seen,and then become darker.Dark darkness,if that’s even a thing.All was black,and I heard wailing and moaning,but also crying.

All in a wide variety of languages.A few were in English,a few in Bosnian,and a few in French,but the majority were indistinguishable,but somehow I could feel the discontent in their voices,and none of them,seemed comforted by the fact that they weren’t alone in their sufferings.The darkness was icky,as it was when last I visited,and I saw a pit above my head.

When I traveled up/down/whatever,I beheld Algol,the two stars circling masses of debris,circling one big vortex that dragged all the energy around it into oblivion.I had no time for stargazing,or debris,I simply flew through the debris,and turned around,looking up at the sky.

It was strange and beautiful,colorful and like an endless void.As I neared the vortex,I felt a greater pull.I glanced at both stars before falling upwards into the vortex(if you haven’t guessed,up and down don’t make any sense in that world)

This version of the Abyss was more violent,because I felt fire tearing me at every side,darkness pulling me and making me more vulnerable to the fire,the watery soupy mass that was the darkness shredding my astral body,and when that was done with,the screams of those who were lost and their hands,pulling me,tearing me,and slowing me down,as they did,I began to lost control and become one of them.

I instantly put to use my shapeshifting abilities.I looked down at my spiritual body,and materialized a new form.I was in a predatorial feline shape that I’ve talked about a couple of times before,and the winged cat thing was faster and more durable,but not enough.

And then I became a dragon.Completely serious on this one,I thought what’s the toughest thing I could turn into,and I became an enormous winged reptilian creature.Yay for me!

So I flew through the Abyss,and exited from it,finally.Still in dragon form,something I wouldn’t shed till the very end,I turned my sight to Belial who had been waiting there for me,appearing in his usual kingly reptile-goat thing form.And as can be expected,he was laughing there and took me into the star,into it all,into a small sanctum,of blue energy.I breathed the energy into myself and found myself soon at school.

It was history class,morning,and more specifically,it was the history class that I am going to have on Friday.I exited my body(the body that was sitting in the chair) and listened to my teacher.My teacher,being Belial,as the vision had no sound.

We talked about what was to happen,and that awesome stuff is coming my way.No seriously,nothing to worry about is happening in any of the next few weeks,so that’s good.Other things happened that I am not content sharing,and we went to a couple of other places.

I came back to my body,in the present,tired.