The symbol for the Infernal Gate - from Ak'anak

Above is a gate I channeled from Ak’anak that gives the practitioner access to all the levels of hell.

He told me " the infernal gatekeepers and the demonic kings shall be summoned forth to open the infernal gate they all shall chant the incantation to open forth the gate ".

I said " what has to be done ", Ak’anak replies " you and all spirits present shall chant, Zaz Zaz nasatana Zaz Zaz "

Directing that energy towards the gate as if each words were keys unlocking each lock.

I have heard the incantation before but never really thought about it until I was given it.


I’ve heard that incantation before.
Seriously must be from one of the old grimoires or something.


Quick google brought up this discussion on the incantation.


i came across with Ak’anak or a similar dragon from what i remember

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