The Summoning Rites of Riches

Within the ancient Grimoires long lost and forgotten. buried deep within the times and the earth itself. An ancient method of creating wealth and riches in ones own life but also the lives of others, began to stem. This grimoire taught of a higher way of prosperity that massively spread … but was soon denied by the rulers of the time who believed the people were not ready for such powers. They hid away the knowledge and kept it for themselves and it was buried and forgotten from even the rulers. This created a curse to the people and to the rulers for generations to come that would never end. This curse can be removed from an individual if you are in agreement with The Hierarchies of Lucifer and Pay obedience unto him.

The Ritual Will be opened up to you if you choose to receive it…

Find a quiet place and charge your room with no disturbances from any spirit other than the following…

Evoke Belial, Leviathon, Lucifuge, Lucifer, Lillith, Satan, and Mammon

Evoke them in whatever way shape or form you are guided to.

Ask them to Removeth The Grand Curse Buried THrough Time. From urself. The Ritual Will take a duration of 666 Days and Nights But will
do Great things in ur life in terms of the Riches you seek and difference you can make as an individual as well as a collective mind as one…

beware that the consequences of opening this curses removal Brings fourth the legions of Spirits of which Will want to Harm the Leaders of the world and The people for its magicks dissapearances… Ammend the wrongs and make them right, within thyself and no harm shall come upon thee or any human being…
It is a journey and a new way of creation.

So if your truly in for peace and prosperity…

Then Go ahead and INdulge in this Ritual which lasts 666 days and nights human days and nights.

Use at your own accord and will.

Interesting. I assume you’re extremly wealthy. Can you explain me few things if possible?

  1. Why ritual will last 666 days? What is specific for you in that number?

  2. What Leviathon has to do with wealth?

  3. Can you give us a bit more details about “The Grand Curse” if possible?

I am happy to hear that, since I am in pact with him for some time, I feel like he has so many things to tell you right now (Real Lucifer) but nevermind, let’s not talk about this.

It’s interesting that you are talking in this kind of topic (about wealth and money) since I decided to mastery this kind of things and it’s fully different than my experience so far.

Again, I would like you to answer on some questions which I asked you if possible.

~ Flame

Within the ‘‘Ancient Grimoire long lost and Forgotten’’ …You already lost me
Paying Obedience unto Lucifer? If you mean respect him and seeing him as an Equal, i may agree, but i doubt it is what you mean, also i would be willing to know also why the Ritual must stand for 666 Day?

I dont want to sound Rude, But its seem like you just made up that Rital quickly before going to bed that night with the Intent of Fooling People or making People think you are somehow Special.

This is my Opinion.

[quote=“Flame, post:2, topic:8137”]Interesting. I assume you’re extremly wealthy. Can you explain me few things if possible?

  1. Why ritual will last 666 days? What is specific for you in that number?

  2. What Leviathon has to do with wealth?

  3. Can you give us a bit more details about “The Grand Curse” if possible?

  1. Wealth and prosperity upon the earth is what I’m here to do… its just my dharma … cant change it … and cant stop it… Wealth is something yes I destroy in… It is my job to make you all wealthy and rich in monetary
    status from where you are to where your dharma brings you to which is more than a million but a good million to start with…
    The ritual will last 666 Days Because That is the time needed for the Completion of breaking free all humans from poverty… while doing it for urself… The number represents a Time Constraint so that you don’t fall and just achieve it all for urself like the world currently fell into … but fall into a new creation where theres prosperity for all and urself…
    I think this answeres the first question
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  1. Leviathon is the very portal to other peoples minds… when u earn the trust of many people u influence them greatly… this very influence can change there lives for the better… I don’t seek or care about your opinion you who cant believe in Truth quite yet…
    I align you with the Truth instead of the doubt of which you carry with you young one… I assure you its a real ritual… and it lasts 666 days because that is what “real Lucifer” says…
    Leviathon Is one of the gatekeepers to wealth upon the earth
  1. The Grand Curse was created in a time during the Golden Ages… The golden age was a time that a deity descended from God form into a human body and led the world into a land of prosperity and peace…
    But after this deity left… the man who was left in leadership…
    Fell into his own selfishness and he basically took all that was right that he had learned and he thought he could lead without the help of that deity…
    And low and behold he could not lead without that deity the way he thought…
    and alone he fell and could not hold the blessing the deity brang… and he lost it… he lost the complete creation of peace and prosperity and the world fell in to a new age and aeon where prosperity and peace was lost…
    because of this and the selfishness and the aloneness and the False pride that led to needing to do everything on his own… he led the world into hiding that of which they needed… Keeping prosperity and peace on the earth can never be done alone…
    I need your help is why ive shown u this rituall because alone I wont be able to hold it but with your aid my fellow god brothers and sisters we can do this…
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I’m trying to mastery wealth, money, influence and manipulation magick and knowledge. I know that there are so many things that has to be completed in order to run healthy and steady wealth.

First of all, if you really have any knowledge about it you will know that, in order to manifest wealth (big amounts of money) few things has to be done whithin yourself first… I will share few of them with you:

  • Balancing yourself (be it emotional or something else).
  • Destroying bad habits, emotions, thoughts.
  • Learning to influence and manipulate with people and events in your benefit(s).

There are much more gateways for wealth which has to be completed but I am not going to share all of them. At the end, it is your life and your journey.

Leviathon, isn’t directly connected with wealth, he may be only connected indirectly.

The reason why I know that this is based on christian theology (be it yours or you’re sharing it with us from other source) is because. you didn’t mentioned few extremly important spirits which are very close to Lucifer. If you’re really “Lucifer’s son”, as you like to call yourself like that, or even working with him a bit a bit more, then you will know what I’m talking about.

There are some parts which I agree with you but most of them I don’t. Also I don’t like to force people in different beliefs but I feel like some wrong information shouldn’t exist at all.

[QUOTE]It is my job to make you all wealthy and rich in monetary
status from where you are to where your dharma brings you to which is more than a million but a good million to start with…[/quote]

You will notice that, once you start to mastery this kind of things and once you really know the truth, first thing what you will do is to protect your knowledge. You will not just go around and share it in public, because there are so many people who didn’t deserved it.

Also, even if you share real knowledge which you received from spirit(s) about wealth, it won’t be the same for each individual, but at the same time, it will.

The reason why you don’t share everything always is because it will be so rude for some spirits. You can share some tips but it has its limits and purpose.

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Ummm I’m pretty sure my obedience wouldn’t share what is not meant to be shared… its not like everyone can see this… :slight_smile: and it is purposefulll that you only see the Truth within it for its riddles with misdirection to keep enemies from understanding it

@Infinityepok, I know Lucifer really good as well because he is my mentor, I am trying to be very close with him. Not because of wealth but instead, for my ascent and spiritual area.

Speaking of my knowledge. I do share my knowledge but only some tips which will let a person to think about his destiny and set him structure and strategy to start or continue building his wealth. I do not share all what I’ve learnt in respect of spirits I work with. If a person desire to mastery wealth, money and material life in general, and he or she contact me, I will be always here to tell a person which spirits will be the best to work with about this knowledge and if you look at it closely as me, you will notice that there are so many spirits to work with in this area.

I will share one extremly useful tip to people who read this post here:

If you want to manifest wealth by just focusing on money directly, it won’t work as long-term or at least it won’t manifest you wealth. Person has to look at its material area. Money is an object as well, so it can be manifested in so many, other ways.
One of my friends share one spirit with me who’s (I would say) strongly connected with materialism and if people look at this spirit and read its description, most of them won’t realize that he can be used to build a wealth in some way, maybe not directly but indirectly… I’m speaking about spirit, Alkalon.

If I remember good, Alkalon is mostly described as a “spirit of Alchemy”. That spirit will teach a magician to manifest something out of nothing, with his energy.

However, there are so many other areas and spirits which you have to look into if you want to build real wealth.

About my enemies. I don’t have enemies, at least not here, so far. There is no person who will ever desire to be my enemy for few reasons and also it’s very hard to become one to me. I, as everyone else has full rights to express my opinion(s) on your or any other post here. I do not mislead anyone from his path and journey. All what I can tell you is that I wish you luck with this journey, and you will understand everything much better after these 666 days of ritual.

By the way, remember these words, you will understand their meaning from time to time:

“Speaking in the name of someone else may get ONE into big troubles, especially if ONE is speaking and trying to mislead people by saying that another one is misleading people by saying that he looks at “his people” as enemies. Once, ONE will be in dangerous room, and he will only have one door to escape. Once he open a door, he will realize that there is no actual return.”

~ Flame

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