The succubus i have makes me feel anxious while doing "The deed"

So, i dont know whether this is in the correct category but i have a question.

I have a succubus, and shes been pretty good but now after 4 years more or less of me being with her, shes so strong that when we have sex my whole body feels like an electric current going through it but it feels alot like anxiety at the same time. It feels ecstatic but also kinda like “I dont wanna move” and a little anxiety. Is that my nervous system just overloading or what? Its not there when we’re finished so i dont think its a malicious tactic to give me anxiety lol.

Relationships with ubis are very intense, especially if the bond is strong, so this is relatively normal. Perhaps you are not communicating well with each other or you are not having an equal energy exchange. Do you suffer from anxiety on a regular basis, apart from in that moment?

My guess:

Your body may be reacting anxiously to what’s an increased sensory experience.

You may want to ask her to dial it back a bit as you acclimate to the experience.

On the bright side, it sounds like A LOT of energy is being generated!

If you can reach a baseline where it doesn’t start to freak you out anymore, I’d guess this will massively power you and really amp your ascension. Bravo!

I do sometimes but only if im ungrounded tbf

This makes sense actually. Ty