The subconscious is the Government of The Mind

Government moves slow
But when it moves it moves big

I can feel and see in my mind’s eye all the spirits watching me
Their number is overwhelming but I know all of them personally
They are kneeling before me
They all know me and are watching me
They are watching everything I do
They are rooting for me to succeed
They are watching every single descion I make.

Somehow I I know what the stars are
Somehow I know that I Am this experience
I know this is all me not what I am now but what I was when I was a child.
It’s all me my whole life I was watching myself
I am watching myself now
I am so much more than my life.

Nothing else really matters because somehow its all me
There is no external God from Me
I am not external from any God
I can become God and God can become me.
I can be possesd by God who is me
And I can possess God who I am.

I can experience life from
Gods Eye while being God and everything will come to me.
Because everything is Me