The style of the forum

A thing i remember from windows XP, was how amazingly i could alter and edit the windows 98 surface…
~i miss that…it was so damn cool! ~you could alter any colour of any part of your windows and so on.
You could install weird fonts every little shit, and easily mod your windows sounds
example: i replaced the iconic error sound with a devilish laugh XD

But the point is: i want that for balg :slight_smile:
~so i could randomly re-design the surface

Just out of curiousity. If they forced Windows 98 to have built in extensive theme graphics of Jesus Christ (without being able to change it), would you drop it and move on to Windows 10?

OMG, you are getting old :joy:


They didn’t.

come one ;’( …don’t tell that you didn’t changed the font of error windows into a more creepy/horror type one?
Or that you didn’t once tried to make everything look like from the matrix or something?
Or that you didn’t exchanged icons with anima face…silly stuff like that?

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Not since y. 2000, more or less. Somehow I get used on smartphones after a phase acute anxiety :scream:

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ok… i don’t have a smartphone…

I had to, but it’s weird. Friends sit together and keep heads down on their’s smartphones most of the time, enjoying being together.

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