The stuff

When I necromancy, it’s called ‘rewriting generational tracks of influence’ and I do it purely in a very focused thought state within the high alpha/low beta range. I see the consequences of other’s actions through time which spawned the results that be which bear influence upon other’s now younger now.

Blanket thine inner self in darkness bearing the robe of the sky. Ascend forth of pure essential formless observation. Call forth an initial pool of emotions by the power of your individual intent. Perceive the personified reflections of intense emotions by which associations were binded to memory in times past.

Some will think to me, “Well I never knew or don’t know my family or family history.” Summon your own emotions by your own instinctual callings and perceive dramas and histories of past things by conceptual form. This will harmonically relate to your own history even if you never knew any of it. Beware the difference between ‘closed pasts’ and ‘open pasts’. What does your intuition tell you those terms mean?

Understand that I require neither tool, nor motion, nor even sound but EXPRESSLY pure intent. Many a time I have cried a template of tears which later form a greater array of color for future canvas’. Always remember, as the guide of the pruner guideth, so to in this way is death as constant and present a thing as life is.

Be remembered well and you will live for ever. Be quoted and your words will speak through time by the living even after you are dead.

You understand you teachings well. But know, to understand life is to understand death, if you know this you also know the balance with is important to Necromancy.

Knowing both, might give your spirits you have with you a cause and a meaning. This is the sole reason to do your conjuring or rituals. A true necromancer does not only seek death, but also a balance to life itself. Understanding how the dead once lived, is understanding how to work with them.

Remember that.