The Stubborn Ego Of So Called "Adepts"

The Stubborn Ego Of So Called ‘Adepts’.

Over the years I have met, worked with and even helped so called ‘adepts’ and damn their stubborn. Let me explain something before I continue, I am often flattered when people say nice things about me, of course its nice don’t get me wrong. Yet here is what I disagree with i will no longer use the title 'adept" I have been called this for a while and just went with it.
Remember we aren’t masters, I couldn’t give a shit about your title call yourself ‘a high priest’ or ‘high priestess’ it doesn’t mean nothing to me, but one title i definitely refuse is ‘master’. I don’t believe in the concept of being a ‘master’.

Anyway I digress, I have spoken to loads of these individuals over the years, who are really knowledgeable in their field, let me emphasise that “THEIR FIELD”.
If they come to me or ask for opinions and then get feedback which somehow doesn’t ‘agree’ with their ego. They snap or dismiss the advice, or continue down the path their familiar with.

I myself although advanced quickly in MY field, I am still learning, we are all still learning, at least we should be right. We should still be learning, changing, experimenting, updating and so forth. For example my recent diving into monoatomic substances of ormus and my own unique experiments with ionic powdered metallic substances for alchemical operations.
I am diving in with honesty of knowing nothing, not clinging onto an ego of an adept, acting like they know everything. Thus I have made incredible strides with my own unique experiments on ionic metallic substances and their applications for magick operations and alchemical alterations, as well as spiritual fuel sources.

What I am saying is, if you have been called an adept or hell even call yourself one, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new, admit when your clueless, admit that you are not educated on the subject but are in the process of actually being a damn near expert on it.
The sooner we get over the stubborn ego, be you a novice, moderate sorcerer, adept whatever.
Then we can achieve tremendous things, look at me now for example, orgone, radionics, monoatomic minerals, metallic superconductive metallic powders, discovering a undiscovered race of entities and their ways of magick.

I am continously changing, being honest and true to myself and everyone else in the process and ill be honest. I was a egotisical little fucker myself at one point, we all get like that and its fine, hell sometimes a ego boost is necessary, but not all the damn time.
I’ve personally known and sorry but I won’t name them, “adept” magicians struggling with a magickal problem and their mundane life is spiralling, yet their too afraid to speak out or ask for help, because how will that look “if an adept asks for help”, really dude who the fuck cares, ask man, ask away don’t be shy.

Thats how we learn, this is a damn age of collaboration in my eyes, we have this amazing forum, pages and other platforms to communicate with amazing like minded individuals with similar and even unique interests. To communicate, compare notes, experiment together and so on, this isn’t aimed at anyone either, before the gossip vampires wanna start their feast.
My mundane friend and I were talking and I mentioned this subject to him myself and he gave me a fresh perspective on it.

“Reminds of me of mens mental health, their have a toxic idea of masculinity they hold onto and don’t ask for help and end up destroying themselves or worse”.

So I thought since that is a subject that is now being addressed, let’s address this toxic idea of ‘adepthood’ too. If you don’t suffer from it great, I’m glad that’s awesome, if you do then thats fine man we all stumble onto shit like this from time to time, we aren’t perfect no one is.

This is why Belial emphasised using the title of “Worthless One” so much, because that’s the perfect title. If we are the worthless one, we seek no approval nor do we want to be worthy in anyones eyes, the worthless one embodies the void in a sense then, they all nothingness and ergo are the all encompassing potentiality of the void at the same time, limitless, infinite and eternal. Many of you may draw different meanings behind this post, that is your choice, those that are still reading congratulations, here have a cookie :cookie:.




The spiritual ego is ironically probably the strongest of all lol



Mind blown, buddy!

Things are syncing today for me…at least with the spiritual 2x4’s in the form of many lessons in the past 48 hours.

Thanks for sharing.

You are so correct on this!

:exploding_head: My head!

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My work with Enki has been a lot of honesty from him in his being duel and he calls me foolish a lot, which is better than what he calls most people, but really no one should have an impossibly large ego.

(I think most that claim to have are covering up problems they have anyone, sort a slight of hand trick)


thanks man i needed to read that

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Is it chocolate chip? That’s my favorite!

This is a great point. We are always growing and learning. To stop learning and growing is to be dead. Since that is the only time humans will truly stop anything.


Yo dude every post you make is :fire::fire::fire::fire: that’s some real shit, people are claiming adepthood but clearly have no control over their ego

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I suffer with my ego on a daily basis but instead of fighting it, I often embrace it. I’ve never considered myself an “adept”. I feel lucky every day that I interact with spirits. Although that my be my own ego talking. The ego as you describe it is tricky. It slips into your subconscious mind when you least expect it. With that said, I agree with your post.


Being truly adept is being humbly aware that you do not know everything.

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Also, adept people don’t mind seeking help when they need it, nor are they afraid to admit when they are wrong. I think of myself as adept when it comes to certain things, like meditation and freeing ourselves from fear and useless distractions. I realize I can still make mistakes and don’t mind fessing up to it. I don’t have to worry about people judging me.

Only inexperienced people would place a negative judgement on an adept person for being wrong once in a while.

Not true at all, when I say adepts I mean those at the top of their field in astrology, evocation, alchemical operations, high magick/low magick and so on.
Not just meditation, I’m talking about those who are fellow authors and mentors themselves that seem trapped in a cycle

It’s impossible to know every single person who is “at the top of their feild”, as there are many who really know nothing of BALG or who wish not to learn from an online source.

Secondly, people I consider to be “at the top” others could see as just blah. Get my drift?

And if you’re only speaking to authors and mentors, are you speaking only to those within the BALG group? If so, why create a post for a general audience?

I’m just curious, as, there were some things from your initial post I resonated with. I think there are certain things all people are adept to within the skills of magick - it just depends on how present yourself.

But, then again, I’m just sayin’ what I think.

Tootles! :v:


I agree it is impossible to know everyone at the top of their field, that’s why I didn’t say all or everyone :slightly_smiling_face:.
The your second point is akin what I always say “my reality and your reality will never be identical” each of our individual realities are unique because they are based on our perception. Hence those you consider to be “at the top” to others that will not be the case and I am not speaking of only authors or mentors, but these are a handful of people that suffer from this too.

I created this as a general audience, because I can
“Do what thou will” also its for everyone, for those going through this, for those who know of others going through it or even for people to look back on if they ever do go through this.

I wouldn’t say being adept has anything to do with presentation, because presentations can be highly deceiving. Create the perfect temple spend loads of cash on the setup, cameras and props, the individual who is then presenting themselves may look the part, but its a possibility thats just it ‘they only look the part’.


Thank you :smiley:

Your welcome :smiley:

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Definitely, the ego eventually becomes a mask then some people forgetting their even wearing the mask and assume the ego as the true identity, which can be troublesome. Those who are very overly egotisical are also the easiest to manipulate because their ruled by ego and the ego of others too, even when they don’t admit it. I learnt this years ago when taking psychology in college.


I’ve achieved a kundalini awakening by just using meditation. Mostly I make up my own magick and am successful doing it. I consider myself to be adept.

I suppose it may not be a specific field though. Is that what you meant?

Me too. Everyone is in sync with different people. Someone near the bottom of their field can work out much better for you than someone at the top.

I agree with this as well. It’s all the work you up in and who can make you fall from the top too. History is full of people who’s ego cause them from going from riches and frame to rags and failures.

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