The Storytellers War

Many ages ago the first philosophers attempted to reach out in thought and spirit. With their minds they reached through the streams of thought to draw from the conclusion pools. Many movements were ruled by zealots who’s primal behaviors tainted their philosophy. Yet there were also more grounded individuals who used the languages of their times to record their thoughts and spirirual journies.

Many philosophers were overcome by their own creations, their power being greater than the knowledge of their power. Also, many spiritual perspectives and notions about human nature were engrafted with societal and cultural influences that existed before philosophy. And even those philosophers who created a work pure and set apart from the world were still influence by their own existing natures which created an array of iterational forms.

So the pre-philosophical iterations influenced also by the times and culture manifested pools across the dynamic of humanity. All these things caused the individuality of the individual to be diminished by the manifestation of common archetypes across persons. So the pre-philosophical iterations ruled the earth.

After the greater rise of philosophy bore it’s greater influence across the more civilized peoples, new iterations were born manifesting new pools from which the individual draws person and forms responce. But also alongside the philosophical iterations were born the primal hyper spiritual iterations. Though both were primitive, the early spiritual iterations manifested crazed personages and mysterious occult forms. The philosophical iterations bore the earliest of the scientific mind, ages before science.

Overtime the hyper spiritualists developed extensive and crude lore including fantastic notions of spirits, angels, demons, and gods. With these forms they frightened and excited the masses into sensationalism. And like I said before, because their power was greater than the knowledge of their power their fantastic forms ruled over them.

Another affect which occured over a longer period of time were crossovers and carry overs of spirits and gods from other cultures. These mergers of spiritual forms manifested the Egregores which assumed increased power over the hyper spiritualists and the influenced masses. And so non-evolutionary iterational pools manifested causing a stopage in the evolution of person itself (and also the mind).

The philosophical pools sought to empower the individual and awaken thought freeing the will from the gravity of need and impulsive desires. So the philosophical and non-hyper spiritual iterational pools continued to experience evolution, particularly the philosophical. But the hyper spiritual personages vastly outnumber the more intelectual and grounded philosophical and non-hyper spiritual personages.

So the philosophers made an accordance with the intention of attempting to awaken those influenced by the hyper spiritualists. The idea was to free people of fantastic notions as well as simple superstition. But maddness ruled the hyper spiritualists and their followers so the reasoning powers of the philosophers fell on deaf ears, the masses were simply enthrawled by fantastic notions. Also, the ranking hyper spiritualists understood primitive human nature and used the needs of the masses to acheive power over them. Many early empowers throughout the ages were ruled by zealot hyper spiritualists who spread rampant craze across their own masses.

Besides this even the non-hyper spiritualist people who were not inducted into the philosophical mind were simply too dumb to awaken. So the philosophers desided to wait for the rest of humanity to rise forth and apprehend knowledge. But the Egregores ruled over most of the peoples and so they did not increase in knowledge but remained primitive for an indefinite period. Lond did the philosophers wait and many times they tried to awaken the peoples but they failed.

So the philosophers desided to no longer wait. They realized the Egregores themselves must be cast down. But the masses fought for their Egregores and superstitions which influenced ever aspect of their thought, person, culture, society, and life. What resulted was a war between minds as the philosophers fought with language and signs to free those enslaved by their own Egregores. But the peoples fought hard even killing many philosophers and sacrificing them to their gods and demons.

But during the war many philosophies were able to influence the hyper spiritualized peoples and so they experienced an increase in their mind and subsequent personages. As philosophies began to merge with the peoples, they grew in knowledge and desire for more knowledge. This desire for knowledge began to replace the superstitions. And as a result of people spending more of their time learning, many fantastic notions died off being replaced hy knowledge. So the Egregores were dealt tremendous blows. However the manipulation of fear and need still caused many peoples to fall into devolution.

And the fight is still waged to this day as the power and knowledge of the individual seeks to rise above all the ignorance of past ages. Do you believe in the power of the individual, your own power? Or are you ruled by deity or spirit and ritual? We all have the capability to make the first steps of freedom. But many will chose to stay enslaved by their own power. Will you ascend and rise to the knowledge of your own power?



Okay, I’m going to be a ball breaker and just ask: is this a polite way of suggesting that spirits do not exist beyond egregores?

I mean this dead seriously, otherwise I am not catching what you mean.

No. He said in the past that there are spirits that aren’t just egregores or created by the minds of men.

Not that I saw. Can you show me, specifically? I did see he distinguished between man made archetypes and primal archetypes, but not any kind of distinguishing them as autonomous things existing outside of our part in the story.

Its not just about how the people were different but that the differences which manifested rose in how different peoples considered the reality they experienced.

The philosophers believed that all spiritual phenomena were created by the individual themself. They sought to spread knowledge to lift people from bondage to superstition. The philosophers believed we were gods capable of creating our own entire universe but saw most spiritual powers being used for far lesser ends. It was goal that they apprehend all spiritual knowledge and attain what’s called the Foreunner. Once their league of Forerunners would be joined, then they would search for the Philosopher King, the just ruler who would create the perfect law and establish the perfect kingdom.

There’s also a group separate from both the philosophers and the hyper spiritualists and they were quite mundane. That’s not to say anything wrong with them. Many people don’t experience phenomena of any kind nor are they interested in philosophy or knowledge. You might call them, people of the earth, more grounded in the mundane life itself not given over to thought or feeling. Kinda dull but they established many successful lands and experienced evolution even during times when the hyperspiritualists didn’t. The idea is to realize that how people perceived reality affected not just their own life but history itself.

Hyper spiritualists across a wide variety of dynamics spread much popular spirituality. Spirituality was woven into the cultures of many peoples. But neither the masses nor the hyper spiritualists had knowledge of their own experiences. Sure they had phenomena encounters but this only led to wild fanaticism. It also led to a special class of priests being created who seemed to be above the other classes. Many such priests ruled over vast peoples and led them into delusions. They often went to war with one another over their gods organizing great armies of zealots to go fight over the differences between priests. They took humanity to it’s most crude and absurd forms. Even the somewhat dumb peoples who weren’t spiritual created better communities than the bulk of the hyper spiritualists.

I have these fantasy histories in my mind from the magickal work that I do. What I talk about (in these fantasies) happened like 10,000+ years ago and long before that. I also talk about the rise of the Continuum. But the story tellers war occured before the rise of the Continuum. By the time the Continuum came around many peoples had developed advanced knowledge and language. But even that was long ago.

I often see the pools of mind itself. Those pools were our tracks of thought lead. Different people consider reality and their experiences differently but some come to more advanced conclusions than others. What we conclude about reality determines how we respond to it. So the process of forming conclusions about reality must be careful. One of my main ideas I like to introduce to people is the concept of ‘conclusion pools’.

Imagine there are 100 people. The same question is asked to each of then separately. Then the answers are divided into groups. Now imagine our thoughts are like that. Many of us come to the same conclusions about things. It’s almost like a race between people who consider reality. People with more effective conclusions get an advantage in the race over people with less effective conclusions. But in this case the idea isn’t to win the race but discover the most effective conclusions.

Some people see shadow people and think they are separate entities. I have created a shadow person and seen then stand next to me. I’ve produced the very phenomena which many people ascribe to these other beings. I’ve created other types of beings too not just dark forms.

In the lore of a tabletop miniature war game called Warhammer 40k, the Eldar used to be the most powerful race in the cosmos. They used magick to create gods, spirits, and demons for various purposes. However, the Eldar grew debased and were given over to lust. Their lose of control and knowledge overtime due to laziness and lust caused the Chaos god Slannesh to manifest. Slannesh then enslaved the souls of all the Eldar so when they die they go to Slannesh. The Eldar were so powerful they could create emensly powerful deities with incredible powers but due to their slack, their creations would later rule over them.

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