The story of Marinette's death

Do you have a link to the story of how Marinette died when she was mortal?

I have Googled and I’ve searched the forum but I can’t find any details about how she died.

Who’s Marinette? :thinking:

A loa. :wink:

Closest thing I’ve come across on the internet is that she was tortured. I didn’t see anything that directly says her torture resorted in death however.

I find the internet sources on the loa to be either vague, full of blinds, or based around the religions the sheep flock to thinking they know something when really they have no idea how to access the back door and the true current.

Basically If it’s interesting to you, I’d call her up and ask.

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She was burned to death whilst strapped in a chair. Not sure about the torture.

I have spoken to her and she told me some of it, but she told me to look it up online.