The story of a knight

Good afternoon everyone, I feel like my last introduction was not as in depth as I wanted. Now that I’ve had time to think and recover I want to discuss who I am and what I been learning/struggling with.

First off my name is Sean, I have been practicing magick for maybe… four months? What got me into magick was not really the best way in my opinion.
You can find the full story on my profile but long story short I had a curse put on me by my ex. From there I did research for weeks trying to figure out what the hell was happening to me. I asked a friend of mine who is into magick and she got me this candle (still dont have it lol) that would help cleanse the curse. So I waited but also got curious. I looked up Lucifer cause I wanted to sell my soul (i was dumb :woman_shrugging:) found this website about witches and demons. I watched her videos and got to know more about demons and other things in this world. Later on I found this forum and I did massive research on demons, spells and how to lift this curse.
The first demons I worked with was Sitri. I thought if I wanted to see if this was real let’s try love out. I feel dumb for how fast I rushed things but I learned my lesson and now I know better. Anyway, long story short Sitri made my STRAIGHT friend fall in love with me. No one seen this coming and for all I know he was called “pussy crusher jeff” I had cards tell me that love was coming my way and then he hits me with the “I like you more than a friend”
I turned down the offer but still thanked Sitri for granting my wish and moved on.
The next spirit I worked with was an angel named Opfall. He was the angel to help me get rid of the curse and the crazy thoughts in my head. I started to have full confidence in myself until I did drugs and got stuck in my head. I did acid and had a bad trip and ever since then my confidence has lowered. BUT! That was two months ago. Everyday is getting better, I am in a way better mindset and my mind has quieted a lot. Next demon on the list is Beelzebub.
We are still working together and he is always around as a fly at the weird times. Anyway, my goal with him is to help me assent. Lucifer is also helping me in this aspect. Currently I am working on my astral body and trying to work on clearing my head.
I have so many story’s that I have to share so keep a look out for that. I also want to give a big shout out to this forum and everyone here. I want to thank all the people that have helped me big or small. Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Haha have a good night everyone. :slight_smile:

High thought: I had to be cursed to figure out magick? Oh well everything happens for a reason. Haha

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