The Storm Element

Hey all,

i have recently been alot of depressed and was waving around my hands from time to time, after a while i tried it with my fingers moving into a certain direction, like while holding my hands down and opening them wide to have my fingers that way bend to the outside, suddenly a massive wind appeared while it was not blowing any wind for the whole day and the more i focussed the stronger it became, so ilooked it up and it is called a storm element.

Okay now my question is: Is there a way i can master this ability, learn to control it, so if used i will not harm friends, family and those close around me?

This is actually a very common ability as i’ve observed with many tests not just with myself but with other people with psychic abilities. What you were doing is a form of aerokenisis or aeromancy.

I would recommend pursuing this ability as it can be used to devolope other abilities in the future.

Okay i will, i am now studying lightning.