The stargames

Has anyone played or actually played eyes on a real working game? Further more if so did you learn anything from it?

Perhaps you could elaborate on what exactly you are even talking about?

The game created by the O9A to help learn the casual and acusal self…

I’d be interested to hear something about this as well. While there are instructions in their material, it seems like it would make a lot more sense if you actually tried to play the game with someone who knew how it works.

Any ONA peeps want to enlighten us or point us to the Parker Brothers version? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“redcircle, post:4, topic:892”]I’d be interested to hear something about this as well. While there are instructions in their material, it seems like it would make a lot more sense if you actually tried to play the game with someone who knew how it works.

Any ONA peeps want to enlighten us or point us to the Parker Brothers version? :P[/quote]

I only read through the instructions once, but I don’t remember them being very clear at all. Maybe if we all put our heads together and try to work it out. :slight_smile:

Maybe we could get DKM to mastermind a webgame version. :smiley:

I was actually thinking that considering its complexity a computer based version would be really good

Learning to play the star game is one of the initiations, the advanced star fame is somewhere around the fifth initiation… doesn’t really matter though. Just do the first initiation and call up the dark gods

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The o9a doesn’t make their material very reader friendly although they have put out thousands of pages for anyone to wrap their minds around… but goddamn I wanna see this life size board game!

If you want to play the game find the pdf by Mr. Myatt on the Star Game, or get NAOS and read that. Make the seven boards and a bunch of pieces and go crazy.

The Star Game is used to develop Acausal Thinking, or thinking in abstracts instead of concretes. It’s one of the Dark Arts of the Sinister Way.

As a final note, the Star Game was made by David Myatt while in prison, not by the Order of Nine Angles proper.

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It probably wouldn’t be very difficult to write up a script to simulate it in some programming language like Java. You could program the pieces to change every move and upload visual symbols to represent the pieces.

"The game created by the O9A to help learn the casual and acusal self… "

This game has already been created. It’s this current incarnation. No need for board games.

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While I was trying to find more information on ONA’s tarot deck (the Sinister tarot) I came accross this and I then I remembered this thread.

(Also it’s the first time I’ve managed to make a link look like a word - I only hope that it’s working- and I’m pretty excited about it! I can say that I’ve made some progress on many levels since I joined the forum, hahaha!)

Well that looks interesting. Quite different then the usual, “let’s go ritually rape and murder someone” bullshit I see on O9A websites. I’d be interested in playing, so long as one of the moves isn’t “murder your kitten before a dark god eats your soul” or some shit like that. I’d be cool if DKM or another mastermind programmer could turn that into an interactive online game.


I’ve had the bad luck of meeting someone who was an ONA member and his views could be summarized in the words rape, murder and hate. He claimed that the Stargame brings your evil self on surface and that the Dark Gods require vile acts in order to be reached.
He had a handmade Stargame board but he wouldn’t let anyone who is not of the Nordic race near it and that included me.
I think that ONA’s philosophy has turned out to be the hidding place for the shattered egos of many people and I find it really annoying when they try to prove that they are hardcore satanists by raping girls and sacrificing kittens and puppies.
In other words I like ONA, it’s the Order’s “fan club” that I don’t like.

The temple of THEM has some really interesting manuscripts. For example Threshold was quite enlightening for me.

In the past I’ve tried making a simple board because I couldn’t understand the game just by reading it from a document but I don’t know anyone else who would be interested in learning to play the game (or better yet, a sane person who already knows how to play) so I had to face the hard truth that I can’t learn much by playing with myself, at least as far as the Stargame is concerned :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Nereid that’s the kind of stuff that always makes cringe when I try to read any of the really dark LHP stuff where they talk about embracing their predatory nature and culling the herd and shit like that. If they’d just call it “Hurt people to placate your own flacid ego and feel superior attacking the weak” I could at least respect it for its honesty.

There is enough dark shit inside us all that we can explore without having to victimize someone else. Learning to be completely honest with yourself will take you to some of the darkest revelations as well as some of the most beautiful and anywhere in between. If you want to call yourself a predator then you better be cannibalizing the corpse because a predator kills for food. If you want to kill or hurt someone to find the darkness in yourself then call yourself a psychopath or the very least a sociopath. Don’t hide behind rhetoric and deluded ideas that your becoming something greater. If you really want to see darkness and have it embrace you let yourself be victimized, that will take you to some of the darkest depths of your own personal hell that will rival anything you’ll experience in any ritual or psychotherapy session.

I don’t shy away from violence, its an important part of nature it keeps social orders in check as well as provides us with security. If you want to see it in its totality go to any third world country and you will either get your fill of it and discover what you needed to find or never want anything to do with it again.

It’s hard for me to merge the ideas of cruelty, and victimizing the innocent with spirituality and ascent. I do not see it as strength in numbers when ganging up on an individual to torture, rape and murder him. I see it as quite the opposite, pure weakness. Flawed ego’s merged with ignorant mindsets. I think ONA philosophy and culture is a merger of Satanism, Death-Metal fantasy, Aryanism and prison or gangland culture. I find it useful in that it gives me a contrast to compare what I am against what I am not.

Here’s an uplifting piece of literary genius I pulled off of the Temple of THEM website. I’ll not credit the author, because fuck him, that’s why!

"There are very few men with black enough hearts to bend to the total will of Evil. For no matter what the particular action, regardless of how concentrated and creative, how unspeakable or horrific - it is never enough to sate the aeonic bloodlust of a creature spawned in the first days of man. A Djinn of Death whose face has been the last vision of trillions of lives in a veritable bottomless chasm of blood. Indeed the very naïve very quaint misnomer by which the rightly fearful name the absolute nature of pure evil is testament to the rarity of those who pass the hallowed gates of mans limits and become something else altogether.
Pure evil does not exist – pure denotes a measure, a limit, a place where evil is at its absolute. The worship in Satan’s Kingdom has no limits, nor does it have a shred of merciless purity. There is no point where evil ceases to seek to surpass itself – it does not persist or exist, it is exist-ing – chang-ing – burn-ing – thriv-ing, eternal and eternally, always seeking to exceed itself.

It is not enough to smash a delicate babies skull in with the back end of a claw hammer, its father must watch while he is raped. His wifes teeth must be smashed out of her face in a shower of splinters of ivory and handfuls of her shit as she loses her bowels forcefed to him. But that is not enough. His mouth must be torn like a zip-lock bag and his throat invaded with meaty handfuls of his loin-fruits and little undeveloped pulsing insides, his violent vomit suppressed and his eyes pricked with pins as he chokes and gags in voiceless horror and helplessness on the slippery sinuous membranes of his own living creation. But that is not enough. He should be raped by a dozen men, their fat dicks pushing his broken baby further down his throat with each thrust until his lifeless ragged body loses its form and cocks lose resistance against his torn wide anal flesh. But that is not enough. He must be torn limb from limb, pissed and shat on, his bones snapped, and scraps of his skin peeled off and trampled on the floor. His family should be locked in boxes with their hands and feet cut off, locked in with his corpse, and forced to fuck each other with the promise of freedom. Fires must be set and the screams of the burning should be recorded and made into a song to be played for kindergartens, sent to the deceaseds loved ones. Burning victims should be let out whilst they are still alive, rushing from the building in agony their skin like molten jelly, to suffer and suffer more than death. They should be eaten alive and ice-cold nails driven through their pulpy flesh as they lay dying, pricking holes in them for fun. But that is not enough. Evil demands more, MORE, MORE! It demands ever more clever deceptions to wreak the maximum amount of suffering, of hurt and betrayal – it demands that the victims first be mislead, tricked, coaxed and relaxed and then horribly brutalized. Evil demands elaborate schemes and set-ups, the inward turn of promises that give rosy glows of love, affection, trust and the downward facefirst spiral into the turgid feces of realization. But that is not enough, the victim must think they have a chance to escape to be free, redeemed – to make their humiliation, agony and unbearable disbelief all the sweeter, the act all the more unthinkably evil. But that is not enough – every drop of salvation must be wrung for evil to reward its servitors, evil must endure – the clumsy experimentation, the confident horrors of purposeful knowledgable infliction, blowtorches to blacken, pliers to extract, solvents to drink, rapes to endure, beatings to excite, the breaking of little bones, the sobbing, whimpering, scream, pleading, begging, crying, the break down of the eyes and the glaze of resignation, the destruction of form under the force of ones relentless assaults – the white-hot orgasm of uncontrolled violence against others. But that is not enough. Mark parts of the body, with hours, so the victim knows the game. Leave unsolvable tasks, ridiculous requests – revel in the defeat and soul crushing confusion of asking the impossible. But that is not enough. It is never enough. There is always more. The flesh collapses before it can bear such levels of evil but there is always more. So the killer stalks another, captures a second, rehearses Hell and horrifies Heaven. The pores of their skin stink of blood, their nails harbour flakes of horror, even as they go to church, donate to charity, smile at you as you drop your kids off at creche. But that is not enough.

Evil goads others who kill one or two or even many – and then it leaves them for another willing to ride the dragon further than the pussys before it. Evil is a force that wants the World. It sleeps with anyone but it will slit its mother from ear to cunt for a bigger cock to ride. Evil takes small sacrifices even though it doesn’t care about them, doesn’t reward them, doesn’t remember them, because it is Evil. It leads men through blood-soaked darkness clawing at their hands and pulling them into travesties, sins, murders, toward perversions, abominations, toward new depths, unknown depths, where depravity lays at the gates like a dormat and new species arcane and sick writhe and pulse. And no matter the effort of the darkest men, regardless of the strength to hold Evils hand as it plunges backward into the abyss, Sooner or later all men let go. They let go because they simply cannot follow Evil to those places – He is too hungry, too unfeeling, too ambitious for men to sate. Those handful of mortal souls who have tried to give the World have been left in utter dejection on learning she now wants the Stars. But for every evil doer of wicked, abominate deeds – there is always one to come after who will see the yawning gaps where more could have been done, where opportunities were missed, through weakness and a weak hand grip, resisting the drag to Hell."

The type of people capable or actively doing these kind of acts are the first I would like to cull!


I can only hope that the person who wrote that goes through exactly what was described by members of his own order no less.

I’m not sure if ONA’s philosophy was always like that. Maybe they turned out this way to present themselves as cruel and dangerous dark magicians? From some of their older texts I always get the impression that the elitism they were talking about in the past was the differentiation between those who engage in the spiritual arts and want to ascend and those who are just everyday people with no knowledge of magick.

But I definitely agree with what you and TheWanderingFool said.
I think that such people employ acts of killing and torturing the “weak” because they are cowards and they don’t dare to kill the parts of themselves that need to be eliminated in order to move on.
After all, hiding behind a fabricated image of strength and unlimited cruelty is easier than having to face yourself and fight against your own demons.

Agreed, I’m willing to bet the majority of these people would haul ass if the opportunity to engage in these “evil” acts presented itself.

I wonder how much of this is merely for shock value and how many honestly buy into this stuff? I can see some pissed off loner teen sitting at his computer envisioning himself as some powerful black magician taking part in this bullshit exacting revenge against those who “wronged” him.

I knew kids like that back in highschool who thought telling everyone they were a satanist or practiced black magick would keep them from getting bullied so much but it often had the opposite effect, it would generally cause them to be ostracized even more and by kids who didn’t bother them before. They perpetuated their own abuse and didn’t even realize it. That is except for one girl who was a “witch” and caused a book to slide into her hand when she reached out to pick it up. It freaked her out as much as everyone else and NOBODY fucked with her after that.