The Stand TV show

So I just started watching this…
How come there’s always something on the TV that depicts future events? In books too.
The question should be, why are they putting it in front of everyone’s eyes? To blind them even further??

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Because Stephen King put it in front of everyones eyes 1978 with the book. Or 1994 when the movie came out. Its really no new stuff. You can walk into a book store and buy the book. Or watch the movie somewhere online. I would not recommend the movie, its really bad and doesn’t do the book justice.


Well, there are all kinds of shows and books that describe current events and the modern world. But with regard to topics about the future, it seems to me that this is one of the eternal topics that will interest humanity.

Oh I wasn’t just referring to that one TV show. I was trying to refer to everything. The future is pretty much always right in front of our eyes, that’s what I meant and I was just wondering why.

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You know, its the same phenomena when I’ve bought a certain kind of car. Haven’t seen that fucking car around much until I got it. After I’ve purchased it everyone and their aunt was driving the same model with the same colour all of a sudden. But did they? No. My mind just grew more receptive towards noticing the same car I was driving.
I think one shouldn’t spend time with interpreting signs into everything. In this case Mr. King needed to pay some bills and doing TV shows instead of movies seems to please the audience more, in the long run.


What about the 4, 545, 968 zombie movies, television shows, and novels that currently abound?

Post apocalyptic scenarios have been a sci-fi staple since the nuclear fears of the 1950’s. They represent the chaos and uncertainty people experience during times of great change, and provide a catharsis for the masses to help deal with their anxiety. Stories and myths have served in such a therapeutic capacity for millennia.


And now, to ruin some peoples day even further: don’t forget comics like “Crossed” :relieved:


I do understand that, but there are some obvious ones. The machine stops book from 1909 is one.
A lot of others could just be plain coincidence, but are they?

Again, such outputs are a therapeutic medium for the creator who thought to himself “What if?” at one point (or who maybe even witnessed the collapse of a system on a smale scale, like during war times etc.). You can’t help but wonder “What if” and some make art out of it, what would happen from their perspective. I think EVERYONE on here had at least random thoughts about “What if” scenarios, even without experiencing them first hand. It is human nature.

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If you really WANT to give yourself a good ol’ “Wait, this is happening” moment I would recommend Orwells 1984. But I can assure you that Stephen King is not exactly what I would call a bonafide clairvoyant when it comes to future scenarios and that “The Stand” probably just had a bad (or good, it probably depends on the streaming box office numbers later) timing, releasing wise. (IMO people have better things to do than watching a show about a pandemic during a pandemic, anyway)

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Molly Ringworm is not Frannie. Dammit

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We are currently in the middle of a pandemic, which is the perfect time for movies and books about viruses, the apocalypse, and good triumphing over evil, because it helps people deal with the fear and uncertainty about what is happening in their lives right now.

Look at the zeitgeist of the times. It really has little to do with predicting the future, than it does with what people are feeling in the moment, which is fear, uncertainty, and the understanding that life could all end in an instant. Things haven’t felt like they do now since the nuclear tensions of the Cold War when it was believed the Ruskies could drop bombs on Middle America any minute, and children were taught in school to hide under their desk in case of nuclear war (like that would somehow protect them). It’s the first global pandemic in a hundred years, and it has completely rewritten the way we live so everyone, everywhere, is feeling the stress.

Stephen King stated, way back when the book first came out, that it was his attempt at an epic novel in the tradition of Tolkien, only set in contemporary America (which, if you read any Stephen King, is where pretty much all of his books are set), and the idea was conceived in response to a news segment he saw on chemical and biological warfare.


As far as I see it, all the stand media is about God vs Satan. That’s it. It’s a popular trope that to me is over used.

I get serious Flagg vibes off Asmodai’s personality only he’s not on a path to destroy worlds and he’s got a sense of honor.

I’m really glad covid wasn’t anything to take seriously, I was reading the book again when it all kicked off and started calling it Captain Tripps until I looked into the PCR amplification. That’s when I realized it was basically fraud compared to how it was being described everywhere.

Anyway, the book is the single best piece of literature I’ve ever read. It has better character development than anything I’ve ever read and I think it ranks up there with his Dark Tower series which I’m in the middle of book 3.

The occult forces at play in the book are a lot more paralleled to us than the way the world ends in it. His whole universe ties in to it. Everything from It to Insomnia to Eyes of the Dragon do. The beams. I can’t really talk about a lot of it because of Balg’s “muh optics lol” policy but I do sense something at play that he got right for sure. It’s behind the scenes.

It could be a hypersigil in a way but if a bioweapon takes out humanity it won’t be the publicized one we currently know about. That’s talk for another thread though.

Damn good read if anyone wants to PM me. Also can talk all day about stats and I have a biochemistry background and know people who work in medical labs if any of this is triggering for some reason


I will say, he’s most likely an occultist. He gets too much right not to be

The ending of “It” is the most perfect example of astral combat imaginable. It’s like a crash course in ass kicking told in allegory for those who can see it

I have another silly question that ain’t got anything to do with the post, but how many of you were born with a feeling that you would see the end of the world, an apocalypse, end of times, any analogy you want to give it…in your life time.
Something that has always prevailed when everything else didn’t.
When I mean born with it, I mean since I started to formulate thoughts, up to today. I have always had that feeling, not thoughts, not just a normal feeling… Something so much deeper.
Rather good I ask this question here instead of opening a thread on it which would lead to tremendous discussions… Nah
I’m just curious to see if anyone out there ever had that same feeling.
And yes I feel it is related to the post because I could also see it always spat in front of my eyes.
All reasons to justify that feeling, but not only, knowledge to support it and feed it, even though it is not something someone wants to feed, but what to do if that feeling has always been a constant even when all foundations of life have been shattered.

Actually it seems that the thaughts of people are manipulated so that the reality gets shaped to serve the interests of some small amount of influential group. It sounds like a conspiracy theory but the massmedia is just an instrument to control the herds and serve the elite.

The end of the world will happen at some moment in some distant future but this century is safe.

So how come I have a feeling I will see it.

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Hmmm you will reincarnate and get to see it!? Or you have seen it in a future past