"the Spider and the Greenbutterfly" question

Hi, folks I’m new here. I have been reading “the Spider and the green butterfly” and I have some questions about that book relative to the evocation studies offered here.

  1. Is it a good idea for me to try this system, and will it conflict with the evocation system offered here that I have yet to take ( I plan on enrolling in the next month or 2)?
    2)Someone in a with an esoteric back round stated that do to my history with Haiti and Africa, it might be a bad idea for me to even consider it ( I was a U.S. Marine, who was in the Haitian invasion in 1994, I was also in Monrovia Liberia in 1996, and Bangui, Central African republic in the same year, someone thought that the entities involved in this system might react badly to me).
    I was wondering if I could get some feed back before I begin something I would regret.

Greetings vonmarkgraf,

Welcome friend! I asked E.A. a similar question regarding any of the African-derived systems, whether it be:

  1. Quimbanda/Palo Mayombe/Pomba Gira
  2. Haitian Vodoun

He posted his answer in the “Evocation” section of our forum here.

(I’m paraphrasing)

But no. One would NOT want to start evocating the Loa from the Haitian Vodoun system as outlined in the Evocation Course that E.A. has outlined…completely different Pantheons, thus, different methods of summoning. If this is what you are asking?

As far as being a practitioner of Haitian Vodoun AND practicing the Evocation Course as outlined by E.A…no…there shouldn’t be a “conflict” unless you mix pantheons.

I myself DO NOT practice Haitian Vodounm however, I have a ‘sweet spot’ in my heart for the African-derived systems like the one’s I mentioned above.

With that being said I never mix shit.

Regarding the following:

“…Central African republic in the same year, someone thought that the entities involved in this system might react badly to me).”

Well, I would strongly recommend that you do a divination (Tarot perhaps) to see for yourself, or, contact E.A. personally for a divination about this.

I have no idea what the Spirits are going to think about your actions. I can say, I think it’s more important what you think about your actions my friend…

  1. What was your personal intention(s) during that time?
  2. Do you consider yourself a Soldier or a Killer?
  3. Are you feeling guilt regarding this phase of your life? If so why?

These are some things that came to my mind whilst reading your post. In volunteering at Hospice for a brief time, when I was training, it was mentioned that soldiers often retain a LOT of guilt regarding what they had to do in the name of “Country”…etc. for most if not all of the remainder of their lives.

Perhaps this may need to be addressed first my friend, and you may need to do some healing around this area?

Also, just to let you know that if you decide to enroll in the Evo Course offered here…you can’t go wrong man. Shit the principles I’m learning and more importantly the states of mind associated with Evocation…these are useful in any system :slight_smile:

Hope this helps my friend,


Greetings Vonmarkgraf,

I know close to nothing about the ATRs , or the spirits in these traditons. this may be a good opportunity to do some healing/reconciliation work with these spirits. I had to do some reconciliation work when I began working with Angels. I know our situations are different but I hope this helps.

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