The Spider And The Green Butterfly. Anyone care to discuss?

I read it and got a lot from it (thank you so much E.A) but I have some questions and thoughts. Anyone up for a discussion?

It might be difficult to discuss or touch-upon… I find aspects that it reveals-hints about the “BALG-method” (as it is developing, but taking-into-account EA’s comments about this bk being a bit of a detour/cu-de-sac… I sense some other tool-seeds)

-as well as what is "different" (more-so that what is the same, or implied-directly).. ie not so much the Chaos-magick type system, nor how what is written inthis might be in the Evocation-WorkingSystem, nor how it is/isn't like other ATR (Afro-caribe systems).. but the different "current" in this  [both direct, and also sensed, below-the-surface]

(and some aspects in this I haven’t Worked-MySelf, as I’d Wondered-concerned about mixing with my other-practice. as well as part I did work… I’d planned to return and but hadn’t yet to that new place…) -did you have a partkicular skien you see arising, or more so wanting to tease-out from it?

yeah, I always have to read them 20 times to understand third of them lol[/quote] Hello ,been reading up on interesting subjects here on the forums and just have to reply to this topic.I find the book interesting and a path in itself,i haven’t even touched the surface yet of the depths of this path that this book can open up.I have prepared only Florida Water,followed the time and cycle of the moon.The time I chose for myself between 12 mid and 1am,other times I did it at 10pm.Gut instincts informed me to pick a specific time and stick to it.I felt I failed in that area but I pressed on anyway(didn’t want to insult any guiding forces of Voudoun).Another thing, I was picky about adding yellow food coloring you can get at any food store,from what E.A mentioned in the book the yellow coloring itself is recommended.I tried using turmeric with water in a separate bottle(I wanted to give something more organic),waited for the spice to settle then add the drops of colored water.It was so light there was no yellow at all,three to four drops would have to be one full cup, that didn’t work well.Instead, I just had the water with the cedar wood essential oil.Finally done I put it to the test.I have been rubbing the Florida Water on my middlefinger nail.About three months ago it became warped and the skin holding my nail had disappeared(this was before the Florida Water).I thought it was going to fall off.The first time I added the water I had doubts but curiosity outruled it.Then, my skin under the nail began to slowly take hold.I skipped a day or two then added more water to my nail. As of this text it is still reattaching itself, though my nail is still warped only slightly.Strange as I feel this water is not perfect(I feel that when one prepares something it must be correct in every way), many who prepare the Florida Water feel either a tingling sensation or somehow know physically that this water has power,power to heal.Well i’m seeing it now and will continue to apply the Florida Water with no sensations,it’s been subtle for me.But maybe the Loas want me to realize you don’t have to be perfect in every way in preparing spells,purifications,etc.just do the very best that I can.I know I’ve prepared only the water. in truth, I wanted to prepare my alter as given in the Book. Ideas came to me as whispers with clarity that once the alter is prepared simple Hoodoo spells can be accomplished,but must be placed on the alter.I say this because practicing the creation of veves from the way the book describes takes practice and their are some things that just can’t wait.Once you get that down you have to visualize the power in the veves,almost similar to how you open a sigil and see it flashing before you and feeling it’s power.I noticed that their are not to many discussions about this book and what others have discovered,glad to see both of your posts here as well as E.A.s’ postings.

Yes, I agree that you cannot learn Vodoun just from a book.I believe in being taught or being initiated in the current by a teacher in person, if I decided Vodoun will be my way of life .In the Spider and the Green butterfly or any book on Vodoun you can never learn the whole system,Vodoun is a life path ,a way of life that no book can offer.My prayers to Elegua guided me to the book, and to postings by E.A.about his courses in Vodoun that will eventually materialize and DePrinces site,a link I found on this forum.These experiences that I have mentioned are only pushing me to find a teacher or initiate in the current.Their is a block in the book(this is what I feel) even though it gives a glimpse of Haitian Vodoun and some practices.One can only go so far with this book anyway and still not touch what the Vodoun current truly contains and it’s gifts it can offer.

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I was interested in a similar discussion, I’ve read the book, but some things are left intentionally out I believe. The Veve Chapter intrigued me to say the least and especially the protection one. He say that the Bokor,Mambo etc can even peer to someones timeline (past present future) if he draws it to his/her body. I wonder if that is true. Has anyone used it guys? Whats your opinion on the matter?

I’ve had a Houngan read my ancestral past, my personal past, present, and told of what was to happen in the immediate future. Was very accurate, precise to say the least in his reading

I’ve read the new book where EA reveals the secrets he intentionally left out of the first edition.

Without revealing what they are, in regards to some of the blowing powders I’m left wondering how in the world someone would even go about gathering some of those items!!??!!

I have not read the new book, I mean cant pay again a book that delivers not something practical. I agree, some ingredients cannot be found unless you have a local black market or order them online.

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In voudan in it’s nature. The ingredients for the powders and the like can be found from the earth, but authentic blowing powder made from skulls might be more difficult to obtain