The spacing out of rituals

Is an hour between a ritual with the demon, genie or angel a bad idea? How long should one wait before one wait before preforming another ritual? If it’s any consolation, I’ll be using Tristan whitespire words of power method. It’s like GOM-like.

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You can go from one into the other immediately if you want to.

Personally, however, I generally like to wait an hour or two between rituals a this allows me to switch gears, and get into the proper mindset for the next ritual easier, which I find especially helpful if the next one is of a different type than the first. I don’t like to mix energies.

For example, I’ll do a ritual from Damon Brand’s Success Magick, then wait two hours before I do an evocation of the Lwa.

If you are doing another similar ritual, though, for example, two rituals from the same book, then I don’t think you need to wait at all, but an hour sounds fine to me.